GPS Vehicle Tracking Options

Find out what options you have for GPS tracking of your vehicle for your next trip. We have solutions that will track both online and offline using your smartphone, iPad, tablet, or SPOT connect device.
Created: July 2016
Latest Feedback: March 2018

ExplorOz Tracking Service hosts a tracking service on our website called EOTrackMe. EOTrackMe is a service for travellers that once configured, automatically receives position data from moving GPS devices via an internet (or satellite) connection and displays this onto a map stored on the ExplorOz website (on your Profile page). When out of service, your device will store position data periodically and only send to the EOTrackMe server when a connection is restored, enabling your tracking map to "catch up". The EOTrackMe service has various settings to provide you with privacy protection, and can be utilised with almost any smartphone, tablet, computer or satellite device (such as SPOT).

Up until June this year, the only way to use EOTrackMe was to firstly, be a Member of the ExplorOz website, and secondly, download the compatible tracking software to your device. We have provided links to their third-party software/app providers and some have been free, and some have been a small fee ($5). The online tracking console and associated features has been well-used by the ExplorOz community however some devices track better than others. In particular, the iPad and iPhone devices have been reported to track poorly when travelling for extended periods without mobile service but we have identified that this is due to a fault in the third-party software (uTrackmebeacon2). For this reason, we have now written our own tracking software into our new ExplorOz Traveller GPS Navigation, Mapping, and Tracking App. Our app is compatible for both Android and iOS devices so we now recommend only Windows and Satellite device users should register for tracking via EOTrackMe. For all iOS and Android device users, we now recommend that you use the Track Logger that comes with the ExplorOz Traveller app.


Whether you use tracking via the ExplorOz Traveller App, or whether you register for EOTrackMe, you can enjoy seeing your journey mapped into your ExplorOz Profile Page. Your Tracking can be cleared or saved as you please. Saved tracking routes are relocated to the User Treks and can be embedded into your blogs or downloaded as GPX files by others travellers.

ExplorOz Traveller App

We developed this app this year specifically to provide navigation and tracking using ExplorOz resources across both iOS and Android platforms and to enable offline access to our EOTopo maps. The ExplorOz Traveller App enables you to carry the ExplorOz Places, Treks, & Maps in your pocket ready for your offline adventures! Plus, you can track your journey, view your tracking, share and save your tracking. This is the must-have app for any road, or off-road trip.

Membership is NOT required to use the tracking feature in the app, however the Track Logger will be available after making an in-app purchase of $29.99. The Track Logger is free for existing ExplorOz members.

More details, and links to download the app from the stores are available from the ExplorOz Traveller App page. You can also view the ExplorOz Traveller Feedback & FAQ page to check Version History Updates and to check out what others have to say.

Live Offline Tracking

The only method that will allow your tracking to be truly "live" is via a satellite tracking device. The best device for this job is the SPOT satellite messenger. This device is fully supported in the EOTrackMe system.

The EOTrackMe system is also still supporting Windows devices. Windows devices will still need to be connected to the internet for position data to be transmitted to the EOTrackMe server but the "store & forward" function in the software enables tracking of position to be stored locally on the device when you are offline and these are then sent to the server when you next enter service.

Whilst your tracking map will catch up when you are in service whether you have used a Windows, iOs or Android device, none of these devices can send tracking data when you are out of mobile data service range so tracking to your map (for others to see) cannot be "live" when you are remote.

For all details about EOTrackMe for Windows & SPOT devices please go to the EOTrackMe Setup, Feedback & FAQ page.

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