EOTopo has earned its reputation as the most popular mapset for people that love touring, camping, and exploring and is suitable for all on-road and 4x4 adventures, no matter where you go in Australia. EOTopo covers the whole of Australia in high resolution and displays natural land forms and man-made structures in topographic detail, plus it shows localities, land boundaries, roads, tracks and important POIs and labelling to assist self-drive travellers locate campsites and other important services. Use EOTopo online free from this page, or purchase a licence to download the map for offline use.
Created: November 2013
Revised: August 2019
Latest Feedback: July 2019

EOTopo Description

What is EOTopo?

EOTopo has earned its reputation as the most popular mapset for people that love touring, camping, and exploring and is suitable for all on-road and 4x4 adventures, no matter where you go in Australia. EOTopo covers the whole of Australia in high resolution. It is built from topographic data but also incorporates POI features, roads, and 4WD tracks. It is digitally produced and distributed for sale in a number of different formats for use offline.

EOTopo is regularly updated (with 5 major updates released from 2013 - 2019). When you purchase EOTopo from us, you get a Lifetime Upgrade Plan that offers a considerable discount when new releases become available.

The EOTopo 2019 Online, EOTopo 2019 Raster Version, and EOTopo 2019 App Version, are 3 different output formats all being extracted from the same data source. These different formats are optimised for use on different operating systems and therefore have subtle differences. The offline versions for download are designed for use on modern devices such tablets, phones, iPads and notebooks and have never been produced as printed map products, which ensures exceptional readability, clarity and high accuracy when used with GPS to display current position on the map as you move.

Whilst EOTopo 2019 is optimised for recreational vehicle-based travellers (4WD, car, motorbike), other users such as cyclists and hikers will find the map data useful (especially if using online). There is a significant focus on topographic detail, showing contour lines, shaded relief, rivers, lakes and all "on the ground" physical features of the Australian terrain. When travelling, this data assists the explorer in identifying what might lay ahead if planning to venture down an unknown track, or peek over the next dune. Topographic detail might also allow you to identify terrain that could provide a suitable bush camp.

EOTopo Online

On this page you will find a tab to open EOTopo Online 2019. This enables you to view EOTopo online free on the ExplorOz website using any device that has a web browser (ie. Chrome, Safari). The presentation of the map data is not "identical" to the other formats (but is a very close representation). The map can be zoomed to display more detail as you zoom in closer with a max zoom at Level 16. At Level 16 online, you are viewing the map data at 1:18,000 map scale (18K). With EOTopo online viewed through the web browser on this page you are viewing the maps at 100% clarity/resolution at each zoom level. Access to EOTopo Online is also provided free within the ExplorOz Traveller app (purchased separately).

EOTopo Offline

EOTopo can be purchased for offline use so you can import the maps to your phone/tablet/computer/iPad or compatible handheld or in-dash GPS device. There are two options - either purchase a map licence for the EOTopo 2019 Raster Version, or the EOTopo 2019 App Version. See product descriptions for more information about map file formats and device compatibility.

EOTopo Download

If you purchase the Raster Version of EOTopo, you will have a licence that will unlock the file downloads shown in the Download section on this page. This is where you will download ECW, OZF, and map files.

Lifetime Upgrade Plan

The Lifetime Upgrade Plan offers our customers access to EOTopo map version updates at a discounted price so that you don't have to pay full price when new versions are released. This upgrade plan will stay with the customer for the lifetime of the product. Licensed users will receive notification of a major release along with instructions/options for how to obtain the upgrade.

Map Legend

A link to the map legend is shown in the bottom right corner of the map, or you can go direct from this link - EOTopo Map Legend

User Licence

EOTopo is licenced to a single customer by name/email address, which is registered in our database. Each licence allows use on any device owned/used by that customer.


To view the approx detail of what is provided in the offline versions of EOTopo, just use EOTopo Online and set the zoom to Level 13. At that level you are viewing map data at an approximate scale of 144K.

How to Buy EOTopo

EOTopo is a map of Australia that is digitally produced and distributed for sale in a number of different formats.

Option 1: EOTopo Raster

If you have the OziExplorer or TrackRanger program loaded onto a device or you have an older style Hema Navigator (HN6, or HN7), or a VMS GPS, or MudMap M7 device then this is the option for you. Files are provided in the ECW format and the OZF/map format. Only devices that support these formats can utilise EOTopo in the raster version. This is a whole of Australia mapset with a large number of files at various scales - provided in both the ECW and optimised OziExplorer OZF/map formats to enable you to select just the files that are applicable to your device. State Map files and Australia Map files are available to download after purchase from the EOTopo downloads page. The largest file is Australia 144K ECW, which is 4GB but instead of this file you can download the individual State files, with the largest 144K State file being 1.2GB.
See EOTopo 20109 Raster Version.

Option 2: EOTopo App Version

If you use our app ExplorOz Traveller, then this is the map set that you will need to unlock the map zoom levels when you are offline. Without this mapset, the offline base map that comes with the app will zoom to Level 10. This mapset will provide whole of Australia map detail to 144K (Zoom Level 13, with overzoom on higher levels Level 14-16). This version can be used on iPads, iPhones, Android phones/tablets, & Windows 10 devices. This version of the EOTopo mapset consists of 4 map pack downloads managed within the app. Once you have installed the app you can download the map files within the app as prompted. There are 5 offline map files to download in the app - the Base Map of Australia is free and is included with the app, but to unlock the more detailed zoom levels you will need the EOTopo App Version to download the additional 4 map packs:- 577K Australia, 144K East, 144K Central, 144K West. The maps will require a total of 4.3GB storage (either internal or SD card), with each of the 144K packs being a little over 1GB each. Go to EOTopo 2019 App Version

Lifetime Upgrade Plan

The EOTopo Lifetime Upgrade program allows current owners of this product to purchase new version releases at a greatly reduced price.

EOTopo 2019 Raster Version

- upgrade pricing is only $40 (or $35) for Members (a massive discount off the RRP of $99.95). To qualify for the upgrade you must have previously purchased EOTopo (Standard or Premium) in either the 2018 or 2015 versions.

To claim your discount, simply click the ADD to CART button. Once you proceed to the checkout you will enter the code EOTOPOUPGRADE into the Promo Code Field when purchasing.

EOTopo 2019 App Versions

- upgrade pricing is only $24.99 (no further discount). To qualify for this upgrade you must have previously purchased the ExplorOz Traveller Premium Offline Maps (or have an EOTopo map licence from a previous purchase).

To claim your discount, simply click the ADD to CART button. Once you proceed to the checkout you will enter the code: EOTOPOAPPUPGRADE into the Promo Code Field when purchasing.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Ensure you are logged into your ExplorOz account when making your purchase. The promo code will be rejected if your previous purchase history on this account does not qualify. Discounts are automatically adjusted at the checkout and not adjustable after payment. Do not proceed with payment as requests for an account adjustment/refund will be rejected if you choose to proceed with payment.


User Licence

EOTopo is licenced to a single customer by name, which is registered in our database. Each licence allows use on any personal devices owned/used by that customer.


The data provided via this download service (MEDIA) contains material which is Copyright I.T. Beyond Pty Ltd. All information, text, material, graphics and software (CONTENT) on the MEDIA are Copyright © 2019 I.T Beyond Pty Ltd. The CONTENT is protected by Australian and international copyright and trademark laws. You must not modify, copy, reproduce, republish, upload to a third party, post, transmit or distribute this CONTENT in any way except as provided for in this User Licence.

Disclaimer & Limitation of Liability

I.T. Beyond Pty Ltd provides no warranty regarding the accuracy, completeness, currency or suitability for any particular purpose for CONTENT provided on this MEDIA.

EOTopo incorporates Data which is © Commonwealth of Australia (Geoscience Australia) 2008. The Data has been used in EOTopo with the permission of the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth has not evaluated the Data as altered and incorporated within EOTopo, and therefore gives no warranty regarding its accuracy, completeness, currency or suitability for any particular purpose.

EOTopo incorporates Data which is © OpenStreetMap contributors.

EOTopo Online 2019

The map window below allows you to view our entire EOTopo 2019 map data for the whole of Australia. If you purchase a map licence to download EOTopo 2019 (App Version or Raster Version) you will get offline map data up to the zoom level 13 shown below (map scale is 1:144,000, ie. 144K). When using the ExplorOz Traveller app with 3/4G or Wifi you will also have access to switch to the EOTopo online map layer which displays the same detail as shown here with the extra detail in zoom levels up to Level 16 (map scale is 1:18,000, ie. 18K). This is the only free online topographic map of Australia offering map scale at 18K. No download or software required - this map uses the ExplorOz online mapping engine and your web browser, however to view this without a webbrowser you will need a raster mapping software program or app (we recommend our app ExplorOz Traveller).

EOTopo 2018.1 Vector

This is a preview release showing the work we are doing with Vector map delivery for both the ExplorOz Traveller App and also the web based mapping systems. This map supports zoom to level 22 however it may be reduced in final as anything above 19 is difficult to use in reality. Also the map supports rotation and 3D views. We recommend using the Chrome browser for best performance.

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