Site Updates: EO & User Treks, Mobile & Forum Preview

Thursday, Mar 28, 2013 at 11:31


Forum: Fixed layout of new lines in forum preview mode. The wrong line spacing was being shown in preview mode due to javascript processing. Have fixed this so the preview will now correctly show the post exactly as per the full page ouput.

Articles (Shop Items Box): Adjusted the output from content bodies to remove the 'Go to Top' link. This was mainly a problem in mobile but was not required in either.

Treknotes: Were failing with null exception on SiteUser. Not sure why this occurred but rewrote BasePage and BaseControl to ensure no null values can exist.

Mobile Site: Number of minor updates to support correct init and switch to full site modes. Auto load mobile now on all pages that are converted. Auto direct to web full mode for all pages that are not converted instead of message.

UserTreks: Now support for hover event in map system to show you the route line when you hover over the name.

iMapplot: converted states and regions to localstorage to improve performance.
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