StartClick to Reverse the Dynamic Map and Driving Notes10th Light Horse Memorial
Finish10th Light Horse Memorial
DifficultyDifficulty 2/5
Suitable For4WD Motorbike 
Distance108.35 km
Minimum Days1
Average Speed57.17 km/hr
Travel Time1 hr 53 mins
Page Updated: 10 Nov 2021


This is a 4WD day trip destination close to Perth that is suitable for most 4WD vehicles without much hassle.

Wilbinga is located on the northern outskirts of metropolitan Perth just past Yanchep and Two Rocks. Being so accessible, this track is popular with local 4WD trainers and with local clubs. There are opportunities for every kind of sand driving experience from sandy tracks, soft ruts, uneven sand hills, sand dunes, seasonal beach driving, steep ascents and descents. For experienced drivers, its just a place to go and have a bit of fun.

The sand bowls near the beach tend to be the ideal snack or lunch stop and from here it is only a short walk to the beach. Some of the things you can do include walks along the beach, exploring the historic huts and collecting shells which are often visible along the tide line.

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Wilbinga is a Quindalup dune area and forms part of the Gnangara Park. In Government planning documents Wilbinga has been earmarked for a combination of nature conservation, recreational use, and potential resource allocation (ground water and limestone). It appears that any development will be low-key with a commitment to retain the "wilderness" quality of this large coastal area. Whilst this is good news for motorbikes, dune buggys and 4WDrivers, it is important to respect the area and take care when visiting. Drive responsibly, don't litter, don't trample or remove wildflowers and plants. Keep to tracks whereever possible and participate in local clean-ups to keep this area accessible for future 4WD recreation.

Along the tracks you will see extensive plant life including banksias, cycads, kangaroo paws, Black Boys or "Grass Trees" (Xanthorrhoea preissi) and dense bushland. Kangaroos, including the Western Brush Wallaby are in the area so keep an eye out on top of the hills. Also you may see eagles gliding overhead.


Although not part of Wilbinga history, the early part of this trek (tar section) passes right by a monument to the 10th Lighthorse Regiment on Wanneroo Road. The 10th Light Horse Regiment is one of the country's oldest and best known. It was formed in 1900 and was trained in Western Australia. The Regiment first saw action on Gallipoli Peninsula as Infantry; their baptism of fire being at Quinn’s Post and Pope’s Hill. In fact, the only Victoria Cross gained by an Australian Light Horse unit in the First World War was won on Gallipoli by a member of this Regiment in 1915. From this memorial, there is an information board and some walking tracks which are well worth investigating.

Once you're into the Wilbinga area, the track will eventually come down onto the beach alongside a small group of shacks. These are apparently similar to what early settlers built here in 1893. It is also believed many army personal lived along the beach side in shacks during the war years.

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MUST READ: You are strongly encouraged to read the following articles prepared by the knowledge experts at ExplorOz for your safety and preparation before undertaking any published ExplorOz Trek - Outback Safety, Outback Driving Tips, Outback Communications, and Vehicle Setup for the Outback.


Please refer to Road Reports published by the local shire and/or main roads for the area you intend to visit. Road/Track conditions can change significantly after weather events. Travellers must be responsible for their own research on current conditions and track suitability.
The sand on the beach can be very soft and you must be prepared to let down your tyres so you'll need to be able to inflate your tyres before driving back on the bitumen.

Make sure you bring an air compressor, pressure gauge and of course shovels. Vehicles should ideally use sand flags.

Ensure you take hats and sunscreen as this will ultimately be a day in the sun. You should carry sufficient fuel, food & water as there are no facilities in this region. It may be wise to carry some communications and navigation gear.

Also take the appropriate recovery gear for beach driving.

Camping is not permitted along the track so plan to carry enough supplies for a return trip. Most visitors will find plenty to do to make a day out of the trip so take a picnic lunch, some chairs, a car fridge or esky, fishing rods, sand boards - whatever suits!


No permits required for the Wilbinga trek note.

Fuel Usage

4cyl 15 litres4cyl 18 litres4cyl 22 litres
6cyl 17 litres6cyl 20 litres6cyl 19 litres
8cyl 17 litres8cyl 18 litres
Usage is averaged from recorded data (* specific to this trek) and calculated based on trek distance.

Best Time To Visit

All year round - but beach driving limited at high tide and after storms.

Closest Climatic Station

Pearce Raaf
Distance from Trek Mid Point 24.84km E
Mean Max. °C33.533.230.526.322.018.817.818.320.023.327.130.2
Mean Min. °C16.917.516.013.310.
Mean Rain mm7.812.115.134.684.7134.2135.3103.969.036.524.010.8
    Best time to travel      Ok time to travel      Travel NOT recommended


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10th Light Horse Memorial to One Tree Hill
Driving: 4.93 km
Heading: 331°
Avg Speed: 80.65 km/hr
EST Time: 03:40
One Tree Hill to Eglinton
Driving: 8.05 km
Heading: 334°
Avg Speed: 86.83 km/hr
EST Time: 05:33
Eglinton to Yonderup Lake
Driving: 2.76 km
Heading: 348°
Avg Speed: 88.4 km/hr
EST Time: 01:52
Yonderup Lake to Cauliflower Cave
Driving: 0.77 km
Heading: 57°
Avg Speed: 76.75 km/hr
EST Time: 00:36
Cauliflower Cave to Road Cave
Driving: 0.42 km
Heading: 24°
Avg Speed: 69.87 km/hr
EST Time: 00:21
Road Cave to Crystal Cave
Driving: 0.07 km
Heading: 306°
Avg Speed: 59.94 km/hr
EST Time: N/A
Crystal Cave to Jarrahs End
Driving: 5.95 km
Heading: 355°
Avg Speed: 65.11 km/hr
EST Time: 05:28
Jarrahs End to Wanneroo Rd & Wilbinga Rd
Driving: 7.3 km
Heading: 344°
Avg Speed: 69.65 km/hr
EST Time: 06:17
Wanneroo Rd & Wilbinga Rd to Wilbinga
Driving: 7.1 km
Heading: 267°
Avg Speed: 52.22 km/hr
EST Time: 08:09
Wilbinga to Wilbinga Tk & Beach Access
Driving: 2.89 km
Heading: 269°
Avg Speed: 17.44 km/hr
EST Time: 09:56
Wilbinga Tk & Beach Access to Parking Area/Beach Access
Driving: 1.25 km
Heading: 189°
Avg Speed: 17.4 km/hr
EST Time: 04:18
Parking Area/Beach Access to Sand Bowl
Driving: 1.38 km
Heading: 159°
Avg Speed: 14.34 km/hr
EST Time: 05:46
Sand Bowl to Wilbinga Beach Shacks
Driving: 4.67 km
Heading: 340°
Avg Speed: 14.21 km/hr
EST Time: 19:43
Wilbinga Beach Shacks to Sand Bowl
Driving: 1.4 km
Heading: 339°
Avg Speed: 13.14 km/hr
EST Time: 06:23
Sand Bowl to Coastal Tracks (Wilbinga) & Main Track
Driving: 4.58 km
Heading: 349°
Avg Speed: 15.94 km/hr
EST Time: 17:14
Coastal Tracks (Wilbinga) & Main Track to Main Track & Fenceline Track
Driving: 6.33 km
Heading: 20°
Avg Speed: 23.95 km/hr
EST Time: 15:51
Main Track & Fenceline Track to King Drive & Link Road
Driving: 2.31 km
Heading: 46°
Avg Speed: 24.93 km/hr
EST Time: 05:33
King Drive & Link Road to Woodridge
Driving: 2.19 km
Heading: 64°
Avg Speed: 54.65 km/hr
EST Time: 02:24
Woodridge to Wanneroo Road & King Drive
Driving: 0.7 km
Heading: 63°
Avg Speed: 54.58 km/hr
EST Time: 00:46
Wanneroo Road & King Drive to Wilbinga Grove
Driving: 4.53 km
Heading: 154°
Avg Speed: 70.2 km/hr
EST Time: 03:52
Wilbinga Grove to Wanneroo Rd & Wilbinga Rd
Driving: 8.52 km
Heading: 150°
Avg Speed: 70.88 km/hr
EST Time: 07:12
Wanneroo Rd & Wilbinga Rd to Jarrahs End
Driving: 7.3 km
Heading: 164°
Avg Speed: 69.65 km/hr
EST Time: 06:17
Jarrahs End to Crystal Cave
Driving: 5.95 km
Heading: 175°
Avg Speed: 65.11 km/hr
EST Time: 05:28
Crystal Cave to Road Cave
Driving: 0.07 km
Heading: 126°
Avg Speed: 59.94 km/hr
EST Time: N/A
Road Cave to Cauliflower Cave
Driving: 0.42 km
Heading: 204°
Avg Speed: 69.87 km/hr
EST Time: 00:21
Cauliflower Cave to Wanneroo Rd & Yanchep Beach Rd
Driving: 0.63 km
Heading: 223°
Avg Speed: 81.02 km/hr
EST Time: 00:27
Wanneroo Rd & Yanchep Beach Rd to Yonderup Lake
Driving: 0.14 km
Heading: 271°
Avg Speed: 72.47 km/hr
EST Time: 00:06
Yonderup Lake to Eglinton
Driving: 2.76 km
Heading: 168°
Avg Speed: 88.4 km/hr
EST Time: 01:52
Eglinton to One Tree Hill
Driving: 8.05 km
Heading: 154°
Avg Speed: 86.83 km/hr
EST Time: 05:33
One Tree Hill to 10th Light Horse Memorial
Driving: 4.93 km
Heading: 151°
Avg Speed: 80.65 km/hr
EST Time: 03:40
Distance is based on the travel mode shown (Driving, Straight, Cycling, Walking etc), Direction is straight line from start to end, Avg Speed & EST Time is calculated from GPS data.

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