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Multipurpose visual aid for hitching, reversing and driving of a towed vehicle.

Hitching any vehicle -

It’s unique design of an easy to use clamp system and elongated rods allows a driver to see the position of a tow ball and coupling to ensure a more accurate hitching process. Rods can be placed vertically and be seen through rear view mirror or placed horizontally and be seen through side mirror. The reflector stickers also assist in dark conditions.

Driving with a low or empty trailer -

After hitching your vehicle the guides can be attached to the back of the trailer so that the driver can see where the trailer ends at all times which makes driving and changing lanes a much safer process.


Reversing a trailer is often difficult as a driver doesn’t know if they are off track until it is too late. By applying the guides to the rear of the trailer before reversing, the driver can correct any misalignment immediately. This is most helpful for a low 6×4 and empty bike or boat trailer.

Suitable for boat, jet ski, car and bike trailers, 6×4, tradesman and camper trailers, caravans and horse floats   

No More….. Waiting for someone to help you to back onto your vehicle, dints in your tailgate, jack knifing your trailer, wondering where your trailer ends, embarrassing scenes at the boat ramp

Proudly Australian Made and Owned.



BrandTrailer Guides Australia

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