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This is a digital licence to download EOTopo maps for offline use for the whole of Australia to a phone/tablet/iPad/PC.

You will need the ExplorOz Traveller app (sold separately $59.99) to download and use these maps.

This licence will be detected when you log into the Traveller app to unlock the download links so the maps can be downloaded and stored on your device. The same licence enables downloading of maps to Apple, Android, or PC devices. When using these maps offline, the Traveller app will actively display your location on the map as you move anywhere in Australia provided your device is GPS enbled. See ExplorOz Traveller

EOTopo is a topographic mapset produced to a high resolution of 2K in vector format covering the whole of Australia. The complete mapset consists of 3 downloadable files. Total file storage required is 4.8GB and can be stored on SD card. Once downloaded, the mapscreen in the Traveller app will enable seamless offline viewing of high resolution map detail for the whole of Australia.

NOTE: The ExplorOz Traveller app is purchased and downloaded from the applicable app store for your device (Playstore, App Store, Microsoft store).


This digital map license permits unlimited downloads of the offline EOTopo maps that are not included with the purchase of the Traveller app. This licence is a one-time payment and includes redownloads to other devices. Partners may share the one ExplorOz user account and associated licences. There are no plans to release a 2022 edition of EOTopo. 

For queries & support go to the ExplorOz Traveller Webpage


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