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This page explains the features of Business Membership, how it differs to the Membership we offer to individuals (through Personal Membership), the cost and how to join.
Created: May 2011
Revised: March 2016
Latest Feedback: January 2019

Why Join?

Business Membership is required if you wish to reach out to our audience in any way to promote products or services. The most obvious difference between Personal and Business Membership is that we allow your site Profile to be presented in the name of your Business, rather than a personal name. Our system ensures that any time you post a Blog or comment to a Forum post or Article, that your logo and links are automatically included and therefore tracked. Whether you operate as a charity, organisation, small business or company, this simple option is suitable for all your needs.

Firstly, you'll have the features and tools of Personal Membership, with modifications designed specifically for promotional advantages. Secondly, you will also be able to publish commercial content on the site in the form of Blogs. (Please note - no commercial content is ever allowed in Forum posts).

Thirdly, you will also receive a free placement on the site Home page at the time of joining. This is a permanent slot to promote the most recently joined Business Member. This promotion consists of a link to your Business Profile page, which you will have access to create online at the time of joining so we encourage you to be prompt in the setup of this whilst the opportunity remains active.

In addition, Business Members offering a Member Reward will also be featured on the Home Page, which links through to the Member Rewards page (only visible to financial Members).

As a Business Member, you will gain access to purchase custom advertising on ExplorOz and/or in our weekly e-newsletter if required. Click Here to View our Advertising Kit, and call us to discuss your needs.

To setup your Business Membership, simply click the item shown in the Shop and make your payment online. Following payment, you will receive an email with a link to activate your Business Membership - you must do this immediately to add a link to your website on your Business Profile page. You can also upload your logo, and enter a description about your products/service. Note that you can edit these at any time.

Business Member-Only Entitlements

Using ExplorOz as a Business Member will change the appearance of how the site displays information to you due to all the inbuilt features designed to provide the optimal experience.

The following list of Members-only features includes most of the same features of Personal Membership but with allowance for using business names in the Profile, plus some additional features designed purely to ensure all your site interactions are presented as "advertisements" for your business. Stats tracking is also provided.

  • Your own Profile Page - setup info about yourself, your business, your products/services. Customised Business Member Profile includes Location Map, Link to your Website, your Logo, Contact Numbers, plus a full page of text. This page automatically creates indexes to your Blogs as you create them, and any Classifieds Ads you have running.

  • Create Blogs as often as you like. Publish photos, embed video clips and use Tags to pin your blogs to relevant Tips & Techniques topic pages.

  • Your Profile is found from the Members List in the Business Members section. The list provides a link to each Members' Profile Page.

  • When you include a "Members Reward" statement in your Profile, this will also feature on your Profile Page, plus it will be published on our Members Rewards page.

  • When you register (free) to use the EOTrackMe service, your tracking map will also feature on your Profile Page, plus appear on the ExplorOz Home Page periodically, and appear on the main EOTrackMe page/map. Business Members may also use the embed code to add the map window to their own websites if desired. This means live tracking data with supporting mapping can appear on your website at no charge.

  • A Promotional Footer is automatically included to any post you make in the Forum. The Business Member Footer displays your Logo and contact details with tags to link others to your Business Member Profile Page, your Blogs, your Dealer Ads in Classifieds (if any), and your Website.

  • If you've received a private message from one of our Members, you'll see a flashing icon in your Member toolbar. You can also opt-in to receive an additional email alert from your My Home. Business Members should ensure they only respond in this message system, for if they send unsolicited messages via Member-Message to Personal Members, this would breach Australian Spam Regulations.

  • You may opt-in to receive emails containing Forum content to all posts you participate in. This avoids the need to view the website to read your site correspondence.

  • All our Members (both Personal and Business) see/get discounted pricing on all listed items in the ExplorOz Shop. Please feel welcome to buy individual volumes or in bulk.

  • When your Membership is processed, you'll receive an email confirming when your new profile is ready for you to setup. This will contain all the necessary instructions to access the tools to customise your Member Profile Page, and explain ways to utilise the Member features.

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