Leigh Creek to Cape York

Friday, May 26, 2017 at 21:59


26 May 2017

The Roadhouse was under going some renovations out on the front verandah.

It was a nice camping area there and only 7 groups were staying there. All but one group had left before we did.

It was fine again, we left going up the Bamaga Road. Once again the road was a mixture of sealed and unsealed. It took us a few hours to get into Bamaga. We had a look around town wondering where the centre of town was. it appeared to be quite decentralised.

We head up the road to the "tip" as Cape York was named colloquially.

Out of town the track turned into a single lane dirt track, pretty easy going, a fe wet patches. The grader and roller were on the track and were covering considerable distance, even in the time we were on it.

At the parking area of the cape it was a few hundred metres walk over rocky country to reach it. There were about 10 people there.

I was very happy to reach this point of Australia as I had wanted to come here for quite some time.

25 May 2017
Left Laura in the morning and headed up the Peninsular Developmental Road.
All of today there was a mixture of blacktop and dirt. A few corrugations however nothing too bad. Stopped in at Hann River Roadhouse for a coffee. Again stopped at Morehead River for a look around.
Passed by the Dixie Road and the sign said it was closed. Asked about this when we got to Musgrave Roadhouse and they said it was Ok, as it had just been serviced and they hadn't taken the sign down yet (maybe take this road on the way back home).
Stopped in at Coen for lunch at the pub, I had a can of VB, however noticed everyone else was drinking xxxx or bundy and rum cans. Two cruisers parked here, one towing 2 quads and another towing a quad and a side by side - I think they were from All for Adventure or one of those 4WD shows.
Kept going until Branwell Roadhouse and camped there. Interesting that the termite mounds seemed to line up north/south.
It was fine and sunny most of the day however rained heavily for a short time just after we camped.

24 May 2017
Lots of rain overnight in Cairns.
Head up the Captain Cook Highway. A lot of this road is right on the coast. The water is a murky green colour.
Refueled at Craiglie and had some tucker. Chips and gravy for me.
It started to absolutely pour down with rain near here, for about half an hour. It was overcast so far all day.
Crossed the Daintree River on the ferry - $14. Not much traffic on the road really.
Bought some lunch at Mason's cafe, hd it a bit further up the track.
Started on the Bloomfield Track. The track was very steep in some places and I had to use first gear on a couple of slopes. There was flowing water at only 3 creeks that cut the track and they were only shallow- nothing major.
Joined up with the Peninsular Developmental Road and stopped for the night at Laura. As at 4:23pm EST there are no clouds in the sky.

23 May 2017
Filled up, then went onto the Kennedy Development Road. Stopped at Bottle
Tree Lookout - ordinary view. Also saw the grave of the mailman Corbett.
A few places on the road had water flowing over. Stopped at Lynd Oasis Roadhouse for some tucker.
Proceeded north along Kennedy Highway. A few showers of rain were had; it was mostly overcast all day.
Passed through Atherton - windy roads up and down the hills. Seems a lot of the locals are in a hurry, with a couple of vehicles cutting the line onto my side of the road around blind corners - Idiots!!
New fridge is holding up well. So far since Perth it has got as hot as minus 10.8 degrees, the coldest has been minus 15.5 .
Certainly nice countryside around here, a vast difference to even this morning at Hughenden.
Now in Cairns, ready to go further north tomorrow.
22 May 2017
As predicted, a fairly uneventful and quiet day.
Went to the Stockmans Hall of Fame. It was Ok. Somehow I get the impression that it is primarily for people who don't get into the bush to much.
Left for Winton just up the road a bit. Had lunch there and moved on for Hughenden. This road was good, though was being repaired in places. I was a bit disappointed that the pub was closed at Corefield, The sign said open, the hours said it would be open, the signs enroute to the pub indicated that it was the place to be - however it was closed.
Took a hit from a stone from a passing vehicle straight onto the windscreen, leaving a chip which was destined to get bigger.
Arrived Hughenden well before dark and found some suitable accommodation. Tomorrow things should start to get more exciting, as we should get onto the main peninsular
I bought a windscreen repair kit and applied it. Job looks ok in the dark but will have a better look in the morning.

21 May 2017
A fairly uneventful day today, a day of rest so to speak - tomorrow will be similar I think.
Left Windorah and headed north along the Thomson Developmental Road until we stopped for some morning tea in Jundah.
Further along the track there was a native well near the road marked by a sign. I thought this a bit strange as there was no reference to its name.
We went into Stonehenge for a look, a very small quiet town.
Just north of town there were many names written by using rocks, on the left side of the road. The names went on for a few hundred metres.
A late lunch at Longreach, and we took it easy and just relaxed for the rest of the day.

20 May 2017
After arising took off to the west.
We wanted to see Wills grave and other things on the track. We went in to Kings Camp. A Ranger there though said the road was closed so we went back into town.
Refueled at the trading post and went over to the Dig Tree in Queensland. There was quite a few caravans there however the Ranger said it was a quiet day.
Went north to Haddon Corner, of Qld and SA and onto Windorah.

19 May 2017
Had a quick bite for breakfast then refueled and snacked at Lyndhurst.
Took off up the Strzelecki Track. The first half of this track was OK, a bit stony so the recent rains did not affect it so much. The second half not so flash. Sandy and muddy it proved to be slow going in some spots. I found out later this track was closed yesterday.
My old explorer mate John Eyre was in this area; he got as far as Mount Hopeless so thought I'd give it a visit.
Arrived in Innamincka at sunset, camped in the town common.

More Pics here (facebook) : HERE
Looking for adventure.
In whatever comes our way.

<<- CSR

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