Glendambo's 1 in 200 year Rainfall Event.

Sunday, Feb 20, 2022 at 17:17

Stephen L (Clare) SA

One location that had received hundreds of millimetres of rainfall as fallout from ex Tropical Cyclone Tiffany in January 2022 was the small location of Glendambo on the Stuart Highway.

The rainfall was claimed to be a one in two hundred year event and the results were the complete closure to all road traffic north of the town and south of Coober Pedy for just over 2 weeks, as well as closing the main railway line to the Northern Territory and Western Australia for over a month.

At its peak there was over 300 millimetres of water covering the Stuart Highway that stretched for over a kilometre. With that much water, authorities were unable to test the structure of the highway and after calls from the government to get this extremely import road link open.

When the rain finally stop, the water level was finally starting to drop and after tests were carried out, only truck able to travel through the water, as its depth was still classed as still too deep of other road vehicles.

Within a couple of days, four wheel drive were able to be escorted through during daylight hours, while all other vehicles were still banned from entering the water.

In an attempt to drain the water quicker, road teams cut away three channels across the Stuart Highway resulting in millions of litres of water draining to the northern side of the highway, with the body of the water extending for over a kilometre north of the highway.

My photos were taken only 3 days after the highway was opened to conventional vehicles and still shows the extent of the water, and will last like this for quite some time.


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