New inReach Feature: "inReach Weather"

Friday, Jul 15, 2016 at 14:31


We have just received an update from inReach regarding a new feature available for the inReach SE & inReach Explorer called "inReach Weather" more details are available on their website here.

Or please read below:

DeLorme has just released the firmware for inReach SE/Explorer and updates for the Earthmate App for iOS and Android to support weather functionality. Once the customer upgrades the firmware the “Weather Icon” will appear on the device screen and under the customers Earthmate App on their smart device. Please note that this feature is not available for owners of the old inReach 1.5 devices.

There are three types of Forecasts – Basic, Premium (Non-Marine) and Premium (Marine).

The cost to the customer to retrieve weather information is as follows:

Basic Forecast - Treated as a Satellite Text Message based on your plan – so if you have included text messages it will use those up and then bill as a text message for each forecast.
Premium (Non-Marine) Forecast - For AU Plans – A$1.75 per forecast.
Premium (Marine) Forecast - For AU Plans – A$1.75 per forecast. (Please note that a Premium (Marine) forecast is not available from a land based GPS-Co-Ordinate). (Also, you can only request a Premium (Marine) forecast as an add on to Basic or Premium (None-Marine) forecast not on its own. This is due to licensing laws.

If you request Basic + a Premium Forecast you will be billed for 1 x Text Message and 1 x Premium Message.

This feature will be of great benefit to marine users who travel offshore or for trekkers who travel into remote areas which are renown for fast changing extreme weather conditions.

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