ExplorOz Traveller: Map Download Errors/Tile Counts

Tuesday, Jan 29, 2019 at 20:29

ExplorOz - David & Michelle

If you encounter an interruption to your internet connection during the downloading of map packs you might find the message "Partially Installed". If this occurs, it means that you have missing map tiles and you will need to recommence downloading. You can simply press the orange download button again and the system will pick-up where it left off and complete the download.
If you'd like to check/verify that you have all the tiles, the following is the Tile Count you should see for each successfully installed map pack:
Base Map - 5365 Tiles
577K Australia Map Pack - 58776 Tiles
144K East Map Pack - 279,208 Tiles
144K Central Map Pack - 253,037 Tiles
144K West Map Pack - 347,448 Tiles
If you see 0 Tiles, or there is no text to match the above then your install has been corrupted. We recommend closing the app then restarting. Then attempt to resume the download process.
You might also like to refer to the System Requirements section above to verify the required space for each map pack download.
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