EOTopo: EOTopo with Hema Navigator

Thursday, Jan 11, 2018 at 16:59


Already Own a Navigator Device:

  • Compatible with EOTopo SD or USB, The various models of the Hema Navigator run a custom interface of OziExplorer CE. If you have a HN1, HN5, HN5i or HN6 you will need to update this to the latest version of OziExplorer so that your device can read OZF4 files, the links below have all of the necessary instructions for your device model (this step is not needed for the HN7):

    Update OziExplorer CE on a HN1, HN5 or HN5i: Update OziExplorer CE for Hema Navigator

    Update OziExplorer CE on a HN6: Update OziExplorer CE for Hema Navigator

  • You will then need to transfer the needed map and name search files to the Navigator’s SD Card. As there is limited space on this card, you will need to transfer specific files. Firstly, find the “OziExplorer Maps” folder on the Navigator’s SD Card and create a “New Folder”, name it something like “EOTopo Maps”.

  • Then open the OZF folder on your EOTopo SD or USB, you will need to transfer the following files to the “New Folder” that you have just created.

    EOTopo 200K Australia.ozf4
    EOTopo 1M Australia.ozf4
    EOTopo 2.5M Australia.ozf4
    EOTopo 5M Australia.ozf4
    EOTopo 10M Australia.ozf4
    EOTopo 200K Australia.map
    EOTopo 1M Australia.map
    EOTopo 2.5M Australia.map
    EOTopo 5M Australia.map
    EOTopo 10M Australia.map

  • Then find the HNOZi Folder on the Hema’s SD, open it, and you should see a folder called “Name Search”. On the EOTopo USB or SD, you will also see a folder named “Name Search”, transfer the two files in the EOTopo’s “Name Search” folder to the Navigator’s “Name Search” folder. You can then use the functions found in Off Road Navigation on the device to load the EOTopo Maps, and EOTopo Name Search files.
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