VIC - Murray Sunset National Park

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Start Date: 10 Mar 2005
End Date: 10 Mar 2005
Updated: 10 Nov 2004
Attendance: 27


Next Gathering to be held in the Murray Sunset National Park, March 11 - 14 2005, staying and or camping at the Old Shearers quarters, these are available for hire and sleeps 12 or as many as can fit in, it is hostel accommodation and has a kitchen, shower and toilet. Power etc is by gas. Next to it is a large bush camping area suitable for many campers. The Shearers Quarters cost $50 per day, and has a wood bbq Closest entrance to the Shearers Quarters is from Meringur or the Border Track from the Sturt Highway. Shearers quarters and campground are located in North West of Murray Sunset.

Quarters have already been tentatively booked for our use.

information link

further details will be provided later.

The Shearers’ Hut


The Shearers’ Hut is located within the Murray-Sunset National Park in northwest Victoria. It is situated 40 km east of Loxton and only 10 km from the Victorian/SA border.


Access is via dirt road from Loxton, or the Sturt Highway. It can also be access by taking the Millewa Road at Red Cliffs. At Meringur, turn left down the Meringur North Road. At Settlement Road turn right. The first track on the left is North South Settlement Road. Turn left here and follow the signs to the Shearers’ Hut.

Fire pits

There are fire pits available . Parks Vic. Want campers to only use these and not make there own. All fire wood must be brought in with you .

Registration & Attendance (27)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V11240 System Admin 1 Arranging Member
V96743 aussichef ( 1 Barbara my self & the 2 boys will be there will be using the camper trailer
M1156 Bob and Wendy 1 Well be there with bells on. Brining the camper
V160126 Mesenpet 1 unless work commitments prevent it, we'll be there with camper trailer
V160640 Hinesy 1 A big yes from me at this stage.
V160102 John & Linda 1 Looking good, In the tent I would say.
V160055 Timbo 1 It's a shame it's so far away from my place. Will take me at least 45mins to get there. LOL For the South Aussies, from Loxton, take the Taplan Road and keep going and turn right where signposted just over the border.
V110815 Kempen 1 I can just imagine all of us in the shearers quarters. Maybe we can have a Christmas bed :o) Hope there's lots of space so I can camp far away from snorers in rooftop tents...hahaha
V160586 Pieterandy 1 A yes at this stage, in a tent.
V160316 Steve R1 1 Geez mate, a bit early to committ but like to be there to keep my reputation intact.............
V160105 Rock 'n' Rolla 1 Is there sand? If theres sand I have a new shovel I found on the bach at Robe, that Des LExic's minding for me, I can help dig JohnR out again, and Muddy, and Steve, and we'll be planning on being there
V160371 Kevin W 1 Yes - provided I can work it in with a trip to QLD then I will be a starter. Guess I can stand spending a few more days in the tent! Hey Des Lexic - can we SA people use your place as a staging point???
V160386 Viv G 1 Count me an the family. As normal I will try and keep up with you on the highway. Looking forward to it.
V20114 System Admin 1 Tentatively booked in.
V22373 GazzaS 1 We would like to come and have put it in the plan. 2 adults and 3 kids camping
M1017 Member - Jiarna (NT) 1 We'll be there - 2 adults and 2 kids. Probably in a tent.
V4589 System Admin 1 Yep! Mr & Mrs 'Lucy' plan on being there
V160605 BarneyOnline 1 Can't resist, though I can probably resist the shearers quarters... Think I'll sleep in the car.
V13434 System Admin 1 SWMBO said and i quote ..." maybe" so count me in. hope all goes well I would love to meet you guys. Hope to see you there dad !
V2976 System Admin 1 Hope so. Would bring wife and 2 children, 3 & 5. We will be in one of our tents. Another from SA, so look out.
V160282 John and Anne 1 Will be there with at least one other
V23345 lc_120man 1 Tentatively, probably in a tent.
V21802 Glenn (VIC) 1
V6610 System Admin 1 Yes please, just me and my swag
V25410 System Admin 1 we better come to keep you lot in line
V56606 Red Frog - Vic 1 Myself and the Lux will be arriving Saturday.

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