Bootlace Oak

Family: Proteaceae
Genus: Hakea
Species: chordophylla
Main Flower Colour: Cream


Shrub or small tree (1.5) 2–6 (–7.5) m high, apparently lignotuberous (resprouting from base). Branchlets often glaucous, sometimes glabrous, sometimes with sparsely to moderately dense simple glandular hairs, sometimes crisped, sometimes with appressed eglandular hairs only around leaf bases. Leaves terete, usually simple, (22–) 30–42 cm long, 1.6–2.9 mm diam., appressed eglandular-pubescent when very young; apex porrect.

Inflorescence with c. 35–70 flowers; rachis 70–130 mm long, glabrous and usually glaucous, or with sparse to dense simple erect glandular hairs; pedicels 5–10 (–12) mm long; indumentum similar to rachis. Perianth recurved in bud, 6–9 mm long, cream- or green-yellow to golden yellow; indumentum similar to rachis, or of sparse sericeous appressed hairs particularly on limb and dilated base. Pistil 21–29 mm long; style straight or curved; pollen presenter oblique.

Fruit (24–) 26–40 mm long, with long obscure to prominent beak 1/3–1/2 length of fruit; valves obliquely ovate, 13–20 mm wide; red-brown wood zone 1.5–3 mm wide, pale wood zone 4–7 (–8) mm wide. Seed occupying c. half valve, 23–35 mm long, 8–13 mm wide, wing 1/4–1/2 way down one side of seed body only.

Flowering start in June and ends in September.


The main flower colour is cream.

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Finke (FIN)

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