Family: Dasypogonaceae
Genus: Kingia
Species: australis
Main Flower Colour: Other


Not a grasstree, although Kingia does look like one, especially when not in flower. Kingia has a thick trunk made up of accumulated leaf bases. The trunk is usually (but not always) unbranched. A bunch of long thin leaves sits on top of the trunk, and many flower stalks topped with a globular flower head protrude above the leaves. Individual flowers are small brown/green. Flowering is triggered by fire.
Kingias grow very slowly but can live for hundreds of years, so tall plants are very old.

Flowering start in July.


The main flower colour is other. Distinguished from Xanthorrea (Grass Trees) by multiple round flowers heads held on elongated stems.
Named Kingia after Philip Gidley King, founder of the first European settlement on Norfolk Island and his son Philip Parker King.
Species name - australis means southern, referring to the distribution of the species.

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Bio Regions

Esperance Plains (ESP), Jarrah Forest (JAF), Warren (WAR)

Region Specifics

Stirling Ranges NP, WA

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