Family: Marsileaceae
Genus: Marsilea
Species: drummondii
Main Flower Colour: Other


Burke and Wills tried to live on Nardoo when they returned to the Dig Tree. Unfortunately they didn't know how to prepare it so that it was nutritious. Marsilea is an aquatic fern that is adapted to desert conditions. It is found in all states of Australia, growing in shallow water or damp ground. It has a rhizome from which fronds arise with leaflets that look like a 4-leaf clover. Spores are held in a small spore capsule. Being a fern, it does not produce flowers.


The main flower colour is other. 4-leaf clover leaves that are furry.


Aborigines ground the spore capsules to make a flour for baking. Now used as an aquarium plant.

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Bio Regions

Carnarvon (CAR), Simpson Strzelecki Dunefields (SSD), Darling Riverine Plains (DRP)

Region Specifics

Common in desert or semi desert areas when and where there is some moisture.

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