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This product is a customised interface for users of the OziExplorer mapping software. Ensure that you have the "OziExplorer" software before purchasing this product. (See OziExplorer)Whilst this product was not designed by OziExplorer, this interface or "skin" will improve usability of "OziExplorer" on smartphones and tablets. EOZi is a skin to the software that brings simple access to all relevant controls and functions of the software by grouping related functions together on page screens. EOZi offers a set of 6 page screens and a simplified interface, coupled with a comprehensive 30 page user manual. 

The interface design has been tested on smart-phones right through to high resolution large format tablets and is suitable for all screen resolutions. 

System Requirements: compatible with OziExplorer Android V1.27. If you have an older version of OziExplorer Android you will need to update this software by downloading the new version to your device from the OziExplorer Android Page and then run the update. 

Do not get confused!!! This product is totally unrelated to our app ExplorOz Traveller. Ignore this product if you use ExplorOz Traveller.

See the images and files section to view an extract from the manual and an image showing the Routes page.

EOZi will be sent via email once payment is received. The email will contain a zip file attachment containing the two interface files and the full user manual in PDF format.

Published08 Apr 2016

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EOZi Android

EOZi Android

EOZi Android is a customised interface or "skin" that is designed to make OziExplorer easier to use on Android devices. You must already have OziExplorer Android V1.22.

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EOZi CE is a customised interface or "skin" that is designed to make OziExplorer easier to use on CE devices. You must already have OziExplorer CE.

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