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5th July 2018

Hi ExplorOz Reader,


Lately we've experienced an increase in people seeking customised assistance in setting up their GPS Navigation system and whilst all the questions are answered on our website people still seem to want to know more about which device to buy, whether our maps are compatible with a particular device, or to give a comparison of EOTopo to other maps, and how to make everything work together across various devices. So to make this a little easier on everyone we've put together a new article.

Please read - Comparison of Offline 4WD Maps & GPS Navigation Maps & Software.


We've just completed is a total revision of the CSR Trek Note. This update was done in consultation with the renowned CSR expert, and long-term ExplorOz Member Phil Bianchi. One of the main reasons for the update is due to recent works that have added more toilets along the route, as well as further well refurbishments, and update of water availability. See the new CSR Trek Note here.

Whilst the Trek gives a summary of CSR History, please note that Phil is a bush historian and author of numerous books on WA history, with the main areas of interest being the goldfields, outback, western deserts, explorers, prospectors, bushmen and drovers, with his most recent work being "Work Completed Canning". Available from the publisher, Hesperian Press from $85 (soft cover) or $120 hard cover.


From the ExplorOz Traveller app you can click into Data Manager and press the Update button for the Places & Treks Database. This will download the latest version of all Places and Treks content from our webserver to your device free. Not only will you then have access to view all the updated text for the Trek Notes, the interactive Place icons shown on your offline maps will also be updated. By separating our Place content as map overlays this is how the app ensures you can enjoy free live map updates when things change! 


Once again we are giving away a Redarc power prize to one of our Members. The winner of this quarter's prize goes to Member - Greg Skilleter, who has won a next generation 12v, 25 amp, in-vehicle battery charger - the BCDC1225D, worth $680.

To be in the draw to win a Redarc power prize just make sure you don't miss your Member subscription renewal payment before your Membership date expires. Alternatively, become a Lifetime Member and you'll be entered into every draw. In fact Greg is a Lifetime Member!


The ExplorOz Forum has been running now for 18 years... and has amassed a staggering 118,781 threads at the time of writing this newsletter. I'll do the math for you - that's 6,598 threads per year on average, which is an average of 18 threads per day. For clarification, a "thread" is a new topic post, which of course can receive many more posted replies so that's a LOT of chatter! Rarely do we encounter problem posts that need attention. However, of late, we've found a disturbing increase in responses to posts that can be ill-received. Some people have commented that its the nature of these responses that discourages people from using our Forum more. Of course, some people are more sensitive than others, but in general it's commonsense to refrain from posting comments that could be discouraging, abusive, or antagonising. Our Forum Rules cover these issues quite clearly but we wish to highlight that you should refrain from reprimanding another person, refrain from hijacking a post for the purpose of debating political viewpoints.

All Forum users are specifically asked to avoid the temptation to post comments that could discourage the OP from posting again for fear of being reprimanded or having their post hijacked into a debate that detracts from the intent of their post. Some posts will naturally flow into a helpful extension of the issue for the OP and of course that's not what we're talking about here.

We believe the ExplorOz Community has survived the test of time and can rise above the types of behaviour seen in social media so we are asking you all to consider the impact your post has on other individuals - you represent the voice of the ExplorOz Forum every time you post.


"I have used this very cheap app now for 2 plus years and have travelled remote outback. The positives of this app allow you see beyond the line drawn by a GPS this app shows you alternate roads and tracks. It shows you features as if travelling along a digitized folding paper map that are around you with roads and tracks leading to them. It shows camping spots, places of interest, waterways but most importantly where you are ALL the time. Buy it, you will not be disappointed and the backup support is the best." (Frank Paterson, Google Playstore - Jun 19, 2018)

"Great app and in conjunction with the EOTopo high resolution maps is all the mapping needed for remote travel. The inbuilt access to the ExplorOz database of treks and places along with the ability to record routes taken and the ability to have up to date or cached route uploaded to web mapping, when in cellular range, for friends and family to follow the progress of a trip. I was even able to get full functionability using an external bluetooth GPS, on a WiFi only iPad, after receiving prompt support from EO development team giving clear and easy directions on how to modify settings from within the app itself. Love the whole package..." (Spondernink, App Store - May 1, 2018)

"After just exploring some basic tracks in Katoomba Narrow Neck (with in mobile signal range) we found this application stable and reliable. Would recommend it to anyone."(Anon., Microsoft Windows Store - June 26, 2018)

See app description on the Playstore

See app description on the App Store

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