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28th June, 2017

Hi ExplorOz Reader, 

2018 ExplorOz National Gathering Announced

Thanks to long-term volunteer Kev Mizen and Business Member Kilcowera Station Stay in South West Queensland, the next ExplorOz National Gathering has been announced.

To view or register for this event, go to the ExplorOz website and click on the Gathering page here. All the details including dates, accommodation options, costs and catered dinner is listed on the Gathering page. We ask you to register your interest on this page by posting an acknowledgement so Kev has an idea how to coordinate the event, but it's up to you make contact direct with Kilcowera to book your camping or accommodation and to ask any venue-related questions.  Please contact Kilcowera via this link.

Kilcowera Station is a very special spot and this is wonderful opportunity for the ExplorOz community to come together.

Please note that attendance to the National Gathering is for Members only. (Members' dependents/partners/children are included). If you're not currently a Member you are welcome to join in order to attend.


Renew your ExplorOz Membership* before 31st August 2017 and you'll go in the draw to win a 90W Portable Folding Solar Panel from Redarc worth $565. *Lifetime Members are also in the draw.

Don't forget, all Members now receive an exclusive sticker with the wording "ExplorOz Member - 2017-2018", or "Lifetime Member", depending which option you take.


ExplorOz offers a tracking facility that can be used with many different devices including SPOT, iPad, iPhone, Android phones, tablets, and even Windows PC notebooks. Depending which device you use, you have a choice of 3 different ways to set up the tracking service:-

Option 1: EOTrackMe Client Software

The cheapest way is to purchase EOTrackMe Client Software at $5 (members only) - but this is only available in Windows and Android formats. Get it from the ExplorOz Shop here

For more information about using EOTrackMe, read the EOTrackMe FAQ page here

Option 2: Enable Tracking via our ExplorOz Traveller

For Members that have the ExplorOz Traveller App loaded onto your phone, tablet or iPad, you can easily activate tracking just by the flick of a switch on the Home Screen. No additional software or setup required. For non-Members that have purchased the Traveller app - we have just introduced a new deal allowing you purchase discounted Membership through our online shop. Just go to the ExplorOz Shop (ensure you are logged in) and put the Membership item into your cart and pay only $29.95 for a full 12 month ExplorOz Membership - reduced from $49.95. Click here to join as a Member.

Option 3: EOTrackMe for SPOT

If you have a SPOT device then you don't need to purchase anything from ExplorOz (other than have an active Membership) - just follow the instructions on the EOTrackMe FAQ page here & use the shared page XML feed offered in your SPOT account).


Today's traveller is becoming tech-savy and everyone wants a GPS device with maps on a screen. The most popular GPS device is now a mobile phone or tablet and the quality of camera's in these devices means most people don't need to carry any other electronic gadget - it's an all-in-one solution. 

As a tech company, we focus on web-deliverable tools and products for the traveller and now we've extended this into the mobile market with delivery of offline maps and offline data that you can store on your phone, tablet or iPad. This is our area of expertise and no other mapping publisher has the capability or data to do what we are doing. We've been doing this for 17 years.

Did you know that we are the only publisher in the world that offers high quality publicically available online topographic maps for the whole of Australia?

And did you know that anytime you can get Wifi or mobile data you can use EOTopo maps online via your web-browser?Just visit EOTopo Online from a desktop PC, notebook PC, MacBook or from within the web-browser on your phone, tablet or iPad.

But of course, we've also got you covered for when you need to use maps OFFLINE. There are two options:

  1. For PC notebooks and Android phones/tablets many people use OziExplorer mapping software (available to purchase online direct from OziExplorer). If you use such a device and have this software then you can choose to purchase and download our EOTopo map files. This mapset is sold on the ExplorOz website as EOTopo200K raster mapset. Download cost is $89.95

  2. For Android tablets, Android phones, iPads and iPhones you can get the offline EOTopo mapset download to your device as part of your purchase of the ExplorOz Traveller App. Purchase and download directly from the App Store or the PlayStore


Our recent EOFY Clearance Sale was a huge success and we now only have a few items left of OEM product in our entire shop. Click here to see the final items left in stock and grab some amazing bargains. Everything under $20

Campervan & Motorhome Book by Collyn Rivers
1 left @ only $4.25
Members PhotoComp Calendar
40 left @ only $2
Tommo Cook Book
6 left @ only $0.75

Noosa 4WD DVD
1 left @ only $3
Geoffrey Yuniupingu
Includes portraits of Yunupingu - 1 left @ $3.20
Fish ID Card
Fish ID - 1 left @ $0.95

Screw Mount for SPOT 2
5 left @ only $7
SPOT Trace DC Power Cable
2 left @ $16.99
1:500K Meridian Maps of Sydney on CD
2 left @ $3.99

Pam Armstrong's Walk of the Canning Stock Route DVD
2 left @ only $5.99
Versa-Lite Recharger stand
1 left @ $7.49
Fast 16GB USB Drive
1 left @ $18.95


Join us on a journey to ExplorOz Traveller. Anyone who enjoys the resources of the ExplorOz website should be getting the app. We have worked exceptionally hard to bring together everything that ExplorOz represents into the app so that real travellers get the very best of our tools and services. The app is our biggest achievement for our business and if you haven't got it then we can assure you - YOU ARE MISSING OUT  - SO GET IT NOW !

ExplorOz Traveller is available for purchase and download from the Google Playstore (for Android devices) and the Apple App Store (for iPad & iPhone). Just click the link provided using the device you wish to use.

We have also started work on the Windows 10 version of the app, so for all you PC laptop users that haven't been able to jump on board yet, its coming! Following that we also have plans to launch a static browser version of the app (not for travelling but for planning). So we are very committed to ongoing development of ExplorOz Traveller and it is our core product.


Right now, registered app users can purchase a 12 month ExplorOz Personal Membership for the discounted price of just $29.95 (saving $20 on the normal price of $49.95). With Membership, you can enable free tracking in the app.


In addition to mapping, tracking, and navigation products we also produce a wide range of free travel resources - currently only available through our website.

  1. See our online Recipe book - which you can add to if you have some recipes to share.

  2. See our Wildflowers database - which you can use to research native flowering plants Australia wide. You can even add a photo of an plant as "unknown" for identification by an administrator.

  3. See our Road Alerts section, maintained by volunteers in the ExplorOz community who scour the internet for all the latest reports from official sources and make it easy for you to view via a single source for the whole of Australia. You can add your own reports after a recent trip by posting a comment alongside any listed road section.

  4. See our Members' Blogs - for interesting stories from travellers in the ExplorOz community. You can ask questions by posting a comment on their blog pages.

  5. See our Articles for expert advice on all manner of issues related to trip planning, vehicle preparation, and general camping how to's. This section contains nearly 100 articles covering everything you could ever think of. It's a must read.

  6. See our Classifieds for advertisements posted by members of the ExplorOz community who have items to sell, or swap. You can purchase ads to list your own gear for sale.

Our General Newsletter is now a monthly publication. We also distribute separate newsletters to Members, and Traveller App Users. 

ExplorOz ® is owned and managed by I.T. Beyond Pty Ltd.

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