The Old Hall's Creek Road to the Grotto

Sunday, Jul 25, 2010 at 22:26


Today we (me & dog Busta) took the Old Halls Creek Road out of Parry's
Creek Camp heading south.
It appears to be little used and is getting rough in places. I saw the
cobbled edging stones that member Noel (Darwin) had messaged me to
lookout for. The remnants of when this was the only way from Wyndham
to Halls Creek. Some house ruins (chimney stack) also still visible.
In spite of the track condition I found a track off, about half way,
to stop by a billabong for a picnic. Very hot but peaceful. I saw only
one other vehicle on the whole track.
The south end comes out on the Northern Highway very near the turn off
for the Grotto - a spectacular ravine that you can climb down into via
150 steep steps. Had to do it, dog 'n all.
Coming back up was harder !
This would be spectacular in the wet, must come back for that, road
closures permitting. The pool in the Grotto is supposed to be 300 feet
deep. It's tempting to have a cool dip but you'd have to share with
the goannas ( see pic).
I drove back to camp on the highway; it's not far at all and 5 times
faster than the old road but not so much fun. Busta is learning to put
up with the bumps and clatter off road, but I've learned I shall have
to tie everything down inside the car for The Gibb River Road next
week. But I've taken some air out of the tyres and the Cruiser is
riding better.
Back at Parry's Creek Camp, the last pic is of Boabs at sunset; I
never tire of sundown, with a stubbie of Cider and Busta perched on my
lap, front feet on my knees, watching the other campers settle in for
the night.
Top spot Parry's Creek ! recommended.
Maybe one more mini adventure before the Gibb; watch this space.
D&DDoug R
Doug & Dog
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