The back route: Parry's Creek to Kununurra

Thursday, Jul 22, 2010 at 21:03


This an easy 55kms using Parry's Creek Road to get to Kununurra.
I wanted to take a look at Mambi 'Island', about 27kms from the
campground, heading towards the Ord river from Parry's Farm
campground, just south of Wyndham, WA.
The road is 'good' dirt with lots of sharp stones, but 80kph is
On the way to Mambi I was flagged down by a fellow traveller who'd
been turned back by a jackeroo advising 1200 head of cattle were
coming my way. But a trip as far Mambi should be ok.
Sure enough, at the Mambi camp turn off, there was the cowboy who told
me the road would be clear in a couple of hours. A small plan and
helicopter in the air must have been part of the muster.
Nothing for it but to spend some time at Mambi Island camp.
It's very good; a free camp with maintained loo right on the west bank
of the Ord. I sat for an hour, while dog Busta had a wander, watching
out for crocs. Lots of birdlife, relaxing wide waterway, space for
maybe a dozen campers but there was just one caravan there. And me and
the dog.
I pulled out my binoculars to inspect the logs on the sandy beach on
the opposite side. Sure enough there were 3 x 3 metres crocs sunning
themselves. Not sure if they were freshies or salties, I suppose I'll
learn; hopefully not the hard way !
Continuing on Parr's Creek Road, the scenery gets more interesting as
we pass a few hills and side tracks that look inviting.
Another half hour and the Ord Crossing warning signs come up. The
message is that the crossing is not gazetted so it's your own risk. At
the crossing, there was a crowd on the Kununurra side watching
intrepid crossers. I let one come through, then took my turn. The
water was only just up to running boards but flowing quite fast; fast
enough to feel the pull on the steering, bollards to navigate through,
and avoiding the drop on the down river side. I'd give it an adrenalin
rush of 60%, but then I haven't done many of these.
After the crossing, it's just 15 minutes into Kununurra, where I lost
a whole hour in Centrelink, lodging my
movements for rent allowance purposes (Pensioners would understand
this), and picking up bits of shopping.
Hello to ExplorOz member Howard (ACT) who called out a greeting in the
carpark as he left. He'd seen my ExplorOz tyre cover and the 'Doug &
Dog' sign.
Then quickly back to camp (an hour) on bitumen.
Sorry no pics this time as my iPhone was running UTrackMe all the way,
and with no signal at Mambi, closing the app to take pics would have
lost the track.
I took some video, especially of those sunbaking crocs and the birdlife.
A good relaxing day with a touch of adventure.

Doug R
Doug & Dog
Bone Diggers
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