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Tuesday, Jan 05, 2010 at 19:37

Sir Kev

I have been asked by a few people what sort of checklist did I have when organising the 2009 EO National Gathering, and to be truthful I didn't have one LOL.

So I have sat down and thought about all the different things I had covered prior to the Gathering and came up with this list.

1. pick a location,
2. pick a date, and make sure it is well in the future if planning a BIG one,
3. select a camping ground that will be able to cater for expected numbers,
4. advertise the gathering constantly,
5. speak with locals about local attractions,
6. plan day trips of no more than 2-300kms per day (dependant of location),
7. organise local guides for detailed tours,
8. plan activities for kids attending,
9. plan for people with dogs,
10. number of ammenities for estimated number of attendees,
11. supply of potable water, where can they resupply from?,
12. availability of restocking food, fuel, Alcohol etc
13. Banking,
14. postal details if needed,
15. evening activities to be in an area away from main sleeping area for those who wish to sleep,
16. availablitiy of fire wood,
17. info packages of the area for those wishing to self guide around the area,
18. community involvement in activities,
19. daily competitions,
20. daily raffles,
21. local not for profit group to fundraise for,
22. Mapping requirements for area,
23. map showing where camping ground is,
24. cost of camping??, group discount??,
25. Tyre repair services etc,
26. alcohol restrictions??
27. Permits needed to get there,
28. Access (can an on road va get there or other access restrictions).

That is all I can think of at this stage.

I hope this helps those who are thinking of organising a Trip/Gathering

Cheers Kev
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