Rudall River National Park - July 2010

Wednesday, Jul 21, 2010 at 15:38

ExplorOz - David & Michelle

Continuing on from my last blog here is our story about our trip through Rudall River National Park from Telfer to Newman.

Day 8 - 10th July

Last night after finishing the blog, the computer froze... yep, I broke it. Totally dead. So I went to bed to let David deal with it in the morning. So, at 5.30 am I went running and left David to it. My plan was to do a 1 hour 15min run, which meant a very cold early start.

Back at camp after enjoying my own bit of peace, the camp was in a rucous. David said the computer was unfixable (I'm in trouble now, cause this is not the first time)... the swags and clothes were still damp and the sun was only just starting to appear but a hot breakfast was being prepared for all. Once we were fed and repacked, we started our section of the Ruddall River adventure which should have meant a 52km drive to the access track off the Telfer road, however soon came across a well used mine road that wasn't mapped so took that instead. There were no signs to say we couldn't but other signs about confirming it was a road in current use. Pretty soon however we found it was heavily flooded - no idea why they build tracks with no run offs? We simply pulled up out of the track to drive around the worst bits - conscious of not ruining their mine road. This track came in to meet up with the Telfer Road at their water plant so it was just a short bit on to the Ruddall River access track. We got there and found a huge road closed sign facing BACKWARDS! ie. as if to indicate to travelers coming up from the south of the park that they could not use the Telfer Road that we were on. Puzzled, we wondered if the sign had been mistakenly turned - did it meant that the Ruddall River National Park roads were closed due to all the rain? The tracks were certainly in very wet condition - it would make sense, but the sign was turned the other way? What did it all mean? Next thing a truck drives past us on the Telfer road and doesn't stop us, so we figure no one seems to care about what we're doing. So we continue on stilll... puzzled, but not worried.

We had other things to do - like look out the window at the most beautful scenery we'd experienced this whole trip - it is just magic in the northern section of Ruddall River.

I haven't had time to finish this blog so will just post up the photos of the highlights and come back to this next week.... I hope you enjoy it! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

David (DM) & Michelle (MM)
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