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Finding and photographing wildflowers is one of the pleasures that many of us enjoy while travelling around Australia. For some people it is one of the main reasons for their travel, just as others go fishing, look for birds, minerals or historical artefacts.

I and others have been writing an occasional series of forum posts under the heading of “Wildflowers, Photos … and ” . By using the Forum I hope that others will post a few of their photos and add comments about the plants in any particular thread.

This blog is intended to point via links to the individual forum threads on “Wildflowers, Photos …. Etc”, and to other relevant threads, blogs and related resources. By gathering these links in one place all this info is together and accessible. For the time being at least, this blog will suffice, as this topic doesn’t really fit anywhere else on the EO site.

In this way I hope that together we can build an illustrated catalogue of some of the Australian plants we meet on our travels. The information in the individual forum threads can hopefully be more easily found at a later date. Also additional posts/photos can be added (until the threads are archived, which seems to take about a month).

If you have a wildflower blog or forum post and would like it linked to this blog please send me a MM, or leave a comment below with the details and I will link it in.

The idea with the “Wildflowers, Photos … ” theme is to encourage EO contributors to gather photos, observations and thoughts in one forum thread about the plants that go to make up our wonderful scenery. I envisage that each forum thread will focus on a particular plant or group of plants. While I’ll endeavour to continue starting threads relating to interesting plants, it’s not a closed shop! There are thousands of fascinating plants out there, and I hope that others will have the interest and the photos to launch some great posts. Certainly I won’t be able to cover more than a fraction of them! I would be delighted if others would build on the theme and start threads about their special plant/s.

As a guide, in preparing a forum post on this topic I’m thinking about how it might assist travellers to get more enjoyment out of our wonderful landscape. So while plant names (either common names or scientific names) are not essential, the more information that posters can provide the more useful each thread becomes. The general locality of the plants will help travellers hoping to spot them, as does some info on when they are flowering. It’s better not to give too precise locations of plants that are a rare or threatened species.

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