Lunch at the Waterhole – A mouthful of feathers.

Friday, Nov 18, 1988 at 15:56


A fascinating dining experience isn’t a part of every walk in the bush. During our 2006 trip we camped for a couple of nights at a pretty little waterhole somewhere near Georgetown in northern Queensland. Out walking one day we came across a dining spectacle that we had never seen before.

We watched and took photos for 45 minutes while the meal was consumed. Then the diner, well satisfied, moved on, thankfully not in our direction. At that time we were uncertain of the nature of the diner and its likely intent should it become aware of our presence. We are not sure whether lunch was caught alive or was predeceased at the time of consumption as we didn’t see the preliminaries to the meal.

Here is what we saw over that 45 minute period.

We subsequently learned that the diner was a water python and hence unlikely to pose any real threat to us. It was over 2 metres long.

Just one more astonishing thing that can be seen in the bush.



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