2015 Big Trip 5

Tuesday, May 12, 2015 at 22:07

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8 May 2015
Finished, almost, the Tanami Hwy so now in WA - 740km and NO fuel stations - Rabbit Flat has closed, but there was a couple (from Mudgee) waiting there for a tow truck from Halls Creek (~6hrs drive!) for their trailer - broken suspension!
The first 200km was a bit corrugated but the rest was smooth, esp after we passed the 2 graders fixing the road!!
Passed a tow truck going in the direction of Rabbit Flat. We travelled ~20km down the top of the Canning Stock Route, aka Canning Hwy, to Lake Stretch, aka Stretch Lagoon. Greg caught a fish but it ran his line out - & it didn't have a knot tying it onto his reel! I threw out a spinner to his still moving float, hooked his line near the float & brought in his line. Yep, you guessed it! When we brought in his line it still had the fish attached!!!!!!

Wolfe Creek crater was interesting. Then...

Halls Creek to reload supplies then off to the Bungle Bungle Range. Really looking forward to that. It's a national park so no fires, so we probably won't camp there - we'll stop outside & drive in for the whole day!

The black top all the way to Broome - & possibly a shower (if we need one!)

Pick up Sally, then off to Cape Leveque - where you can see the sun rise over water & set over water, apparently.

10 May 2015
Stayed in Halls Creek, making bookings etc., too long, plus the 45km dirt road in to the Bungles was very dusty. As there was no wind the dust just hung in the air like a thick fog. It was so slow we didn't arrive last night until well after dark. :-(

Today we walked the southern Bungles - Piccaninny Creek lookout and the Cathedral Gorge - spectacular! I need to buy more wifi time before I can upload the selfies. It was only 35*C when we returned from the gorge!!

This afternoon all 5 of us enjoyed a Kimberly hot shower! Not all together!!

The bloke from Mudgee (Peter the baker) just turned up! Without his trailer but has a tent & self inflating mattress. The 'new' suspension is being sent from Sydney.

Tomorrow we might do some northern walks - Echidna Chasm - a 2km 1hr walk, in ~35*C, probably followed by another shower. Just remember Rule 1 - There are no rules.

11 May 2015
Saw my first shooting star last night! A long streak of about 1s duration. Most are shorter than this. I've missed a few, apparently.

Just finished the Echidna Chasm - spectacular - even more so than yesterday's gorge. That as helped by being only 29*C this morning.

12 May 2015
Saw another shooting star last night / only a very short one, unfortunately.
Drove from the Bungles back to Halls Creek. Found a obliging tradie to angle grind a lock off the camper trailer. Locks and dirt'n'dust don't go together - which I knew, but ....

Then drove the rest of the day to Fitzroy Crossing, WA. Hopefully Broome tomorrow.
Too busy photographing, fishing & travelling to retire!
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