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Wednesday, Apr 22, 2015 at 20:51

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13 April 2013 - Mon
Visited Arkaroola. Not much there except spectacular scenery & fast internet! Uploaded lots of photos.

Moved onto Copley and decided to stay in Leigh Creek. Not much there.

Then we ventured north to Farina Historic Ruins. Most people stay a while to read some, if not al. of the info provided by an Adelaide caravan club. They’ve just built a memorial to those Farina people to died in both world wars. They a hoping for a big turnout this Anzac Day - even heard about it on the radio. So we moved onto the Farina camping ground fairly quickly after a photo shoot. Very nice - lots of shade, trees and water for showers!!! Stayed two nights.

Turned left at Marree along the Oodnadatta Track and took photos of Plane Henge. A strange place. Dropped in at Coward Springs but it was too hot - and there were kids in the spring/spa :-(

We heard from the commodore of the Lake Eyre Yacht Club that Beresford (ruins) was a good place to swim and was a good place to be if it rained. Rain was forecast and it looked pretty threatening. Didn’t like Beresford nor the dam so we moved on.

William Creek still has salty (bore) water showers, a pub and an airfield to fly over Lake Eyre. Some people wanted to go but not at the asking price. We stayed only overnight. So we all packed up ready to go when Ross decided to have breakfast at the pub. I had already had my cereal and (2) toasts with whisky marmalade. Yummm.

The pub no longer served hot breakfasts - only continental ones. Some people were hungry/not happy. Only coffee was ordered. Ross then decided to put on a load of washing. We eventually pushed on to Oodnadatta.

16 April 2015 - Thurs & Fri
Stayed at the Pink Road House 2 nights while Guy and Patsy went over to Coober Pedy. They really liked the working opal mine tour.

We walked all over Oodnadatta in about 10 minutes so we played cards. It rained (a little) Thurs night. Friday was cooler - which was a relief as it had been nearly 40*C for the past couple of days.

G&P turned up so we stayed the 2nd night, refuelled and headed north, again. You can view their EOTrackMe by searching for AMO's

18 April 2015 - Sat
We heard that the road from Hamilton to Dalhousie was still being graded and what hadn’t been graded was so rough that they had closed the road. We had been travelling on some very good (recently graded) roads. We had also heard that there was a good, big water hole at Eringa (ruins) so we decided to go there and stay 3 nights.

On the way up to Eringa, Guy’s trailer blew a tyre, so after a quick wheel change we were on our way.

Oodnadatta is not a place to stay 2 nights, by the way - or perhaps even one night. Just refuel & go! :-)

19 April 2015 Sun
Very windy today - has been ever since we got here - Eringa ruins, by the Lindsay Creek. Overcast, so we went for a walk down (? - don’t really know which way it flows, or if it is flowing at all) the creek. After bacon & eggs with hot (?) baked beans for lunch (the wind kept blowing out the gas !!!) Greg Tanner & I did a spot of fishing! Yep, fish’n’. Both caught (some sort of) fish - about as long as an index finger … on bacon rind.

Guy put out 3 yabbie traps and over the three days caught about a dozen yabbies - see photo - very nice with garlic butter and freshly squeezed lemon juice - after the (almost) nightly G&T. One night we had past lamb, roast potatoes and pumpkin and fire embers cooked onions, sweet potato and carrots. This was followed by an apple crumble Greg made with gluten free wheetbix - and bought custard. No mention my me making it again, so I won't.

21 April 2015 Tues
Just about to set off for The Rock or Dalhousie Springs, Ross's fridge gave up the ghost. We quickly discovered it had blown a fuse and it was working again in no time. I had packed up and moved the car by then so I started to move it again. CRUNCH. The back door flew open and jammed itself between the car and the trailer - squashing both. BUGGER!

My plans to visit Dalhousie Springs, Mt Dare and Chambers Pillar were off. On the way up to The Rock/Alice Springs we stayed at the "first and last pub in the NT". Here I was able to contact my insurance co. and arrange smash repairs to be done in Alice. Poor lady on the phone. She didn't know where Eringa ruins were, nor Mt Dare and didn't know how to pronounce Oodnadatta - REALLY some people just don't get out enough!

22 April 2015 Wed
Arrived in Alice in the afternoon. The smash repair man was very sympathetic and had the paper work already from NRMA Insurance. Looked at the damage and made a few phone calls. Multiple parts need to come from Adelaide and some from Melb. Should all arrive by Monday. He needs the car for 3 days after that. I'm hoping it'll be finished Wed/Thurs next week. Julie arrives on Fri next week ...

See photos :-(
Too busy photographing, fishing & travelling to retire!
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