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31st August

Had a great few day, bit of R&R, fishing and more heart pumping 4wding. Lovely few days at Weipa, beautiful location on the beach front and beautiful sunsets. Wal, Jaxon, Dan, Russell and Hayden went out on the Tackle World Fishing Charter, caught a nice feed of Golden Trevelly and Cobia (Black King Fish) and had a great day out on the water. Had a tour around the bauxite mine which was quite interesting. Really enjoyed our stay and would stay there again for longer and do more fishing.
Headed south and camped just out of Coen on the river, good swimming hole, nice to have a fire again. Great little museum in the town. Up and away heading further south towards Maytown. Thought about doing the old coach track in but not recommended for trailers and we didn’t really have the time. The road that we came in was a great road, (the road crew are working on it at the moment). As we got closer to Maytown the roads got steeper, winding up the hills and down through the gullies. The roads some people put in, it would have been a huge mission. Got into the old town then the hunt for a camp spot, Then we came to a steep hill ( I wasn’t sure we’d get up there) not only steep but rather large bumps and holes. Here we go again, bouncing up wheels off the ground and me bleep ting myself, diff locks in and we made it, I couldn’t get out of the car quick enough. Found the camp spot on the edge of the North Palmer River a few stiff drinks and a great fire makes an end to another great day. Looked around the old town in the morning, what a thriving place it must have been back in it’s hay day. Would be a great place to do a spot of detecting. Carried on our journey towards the development road and the road was even more fascinating than on the way in. Driving along the ridges the highest point was 562.metres above sea level and what goes up must come down. Made it to Mount Carbine for the night. What a nice little spot in amongst the ranges and the cheapest site we’ve had ($16 un-powered with fires allowed). Made our way to the pub for dinner and what a great night, the publican was a character, one of the best pubs we’ve been to in a long time and the food was good too.

Diesel @ Wiepa $1.639

3rd September.

We are running out of time! It sucks having to be somewhere,but we are looking forward to it.
Had a look around Mareba and what a great Historical Village they have there, definately worth a look with loads of stuff and well set up. Made a visit to the Emareal Creek Ice creamy. Yum! Headed to Atherton to take the kids to the Crystal Cave, even Wal enjoyed it and they cracked open a geode and found some nice crystals inside. Stayed at Lake Tinaroo Hoilday Park, little late getting there but a nice spot. Lots to see and do but we are fast running out of time so we said see-ya to our travelling companions and south we go. Want to visit The Australia Zoo before we get to the Gold Coast so bee lining for there. Called in at the Three Rivers Hotel for a quick one off the wood couldn’t go past without calling in, nice pub good feel.
Made to Charters Towers the weather is a little cooler down this way so out with the jumpers a shame that you can’t have fires when you pay good money for a piece of Grass.

Diesel @ Atherton $1.649
Charters Towers $1.559

Still making some miles so not much time to see stuff, the country is changing all the time, it’s so beautiful. Even though it’s dry and arid looking there is still lots of trees. Come across a few cows being grazed on the side of the road so that sums up the amount of feed in the paddocks. Made to just south of Spingsure and camped at the Staircase ranges, beautiful spot just off the road but no noise and great to have a nice fire again.

Up and away in record time today just making miles. Last camp on the side of the road before we hit suburbia and drop our camper off. The landscape has hills that just seem to pop up out of nowhere. Made it to Coloundra and lived it up in a cabin for two night before we meet my family on the Gold Coast for 10 days. Visited Australia Zoo on Fathers Day and what a great zoo, so neat and tidy and well presented. Watched the croc show and the kids enjoyed seeing Bindy hosting, was a shame that the rain started at the same time as the show but it didn’t spoil it. Now we are headed for the Theme Parks and extended family fun time (we hope).
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