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8th August

Well it’s all over, I won’t get to kiss Wal on the tip!!!!

After leaving Karumba we called through the mechanic at Normanton, he had a drive and said it sounds like something in the drive chain, so on the tar seal for us and heading to Carins to have it checked out.
After the Huge disapointment we made a new plan.
The Daintree and Frazer Island it is now!!!!!
Stayed a night at Croyden and had a look around the town, beautiful old pub and the caravan park was nice, clean and a pool for the kids. In Mount Suprise at the moment at Bedrock Caravan Park, nice little spot, once again a pool for the kids. Geat location to see the lava tubes from, not that we are going to see them.

10th August

Fossicking today out at the gem feilds, was a good day, only found two little ones but you spend hours out their (as some people do) and it kept the kids entertained.

11th August

Up and away to Cairns today to get “snoopy” fixed. Have had a great stay at Bedrock and would recomened it anyone.
What a beautiful drive it was through to Carins, had no idea that it was so mountainess (it’s like being in New Zealand) there was a lot of jaw dropping and no words happening in the car, just a terrible noise comming from the back diff. Got into town and set up at the “Coconut Big 4” rang the mechanic (Cape York Automotive), they couldn’t have been more heplful and organized a next day drop off even though they are very busy they are still fitting us in.

12th August

Dropped “snoopy of this morning and fingers crossed it’s not to bad……………..Got the phone call in the arvo, not good. Definately the back diff. The new e-locker (installed just before we left home) imploded and damaged the crown wheel and everything else around it. bleep happens but hopefully the warrenty will come into play.

13th August

Caught the courtesy bus into town and had a walk around the marina, lunch, shopping then back to the park. Lovely city.
Gotta love the boys at “Cape York Automotive” ,snoopy is ready for us to pick up with a re-built diff. Can’t say enough about them down there if you are here and need help they are the place to go. Cheers Rob and crew much appreciated.
Looks like the Cape is back on the cards, you bloody beauty! Even if it’s a bit of a quicker trip I’ll still get to kiss Wal on the tip.

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