Fussell Family Simpson Adventure - WAA line

Monday, Jun 22, 2015 at 03:00

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The WAA line ( Simpson Desert WAA Line ) is by far the best road we have been down. No "staircases", and a reasonably smooth road.

We stopped for morning tea on the top of a dune, which was covered in pretty flowers. The kids played running down the side of the dune.

It was beautiful driving up the steep sides of the dunes with a view of orange sand, flowers and blue sky.

But it is always a little nerve wracking as you come over the crest, as you cannot see the road. That means you don't know if there are on coming cars; or if the road is rutted; or where the road is. Some times the road turns sideways at the top of the dune. A little adrenaline always makes the day more interesting.

At lunch the kids found some paddy melons to play with. Alex used one as a stool to eat his lunch on.

Jacqui Fussell

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