Fussell Family Simpson Adventure - Poeppel corner

Saturday, Jun 20, 2015 at 05:00

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This morning we had perfect light for photos, where the orange sand glowed.

Tonight, we are about as in the middle of nowhere as you can get anywhere on earth. There is no one around. Only one car has gone past since setting up camp at 4:00. Hardly any planes have even flown overhead. Even they have been in the distance.

So few people have been here there are no problems collecting dead wood from 100 year old desert trees, and we are only 250m from the road ( Simpson Desert French line ).

The orange light of the fire is lighting up the ancient Gidgee tree and our black billy, and our foot prints in this ancient sand.

The sunset turned the salt lake just below us a delicate shade of purple. It was really beautiful, but I couldn't capture it on film as the lakes are long and thin.

I'm a little worried about tomorrow as today the road was a string of "stairs". The western side of all the dunes feel as though someone has cut a 2ft wide 1ft high series of steps the length of each dune. It's like the worlds worst corrugations. At this point, half way through the desert there isn't even much of a gap between the dunes. The ramp up to the next dune peak is the pleasantest part of road. (This is supposed to be the most challenging bit).

We went to Poeppel corner today, it is the marker point between SA, NT & QLD. We went across a lot of muddy salt lakes to get there.

The flys during the day are annoying but bearable, but their absence in the mornings and evenings are joyful! It is so peaceful and tranquil here right now.

Jacqui Fussell

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