2013.2 Western Qld Second Trip - Day 2

Sunday, Sep 22, 2013 at 15:12

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Day 2 -Mitchell to Isisford

Can say that I froze at Neil Turner Weir, Mitchell last night! According to the Weather Bureau, it was down to an apparent 1.7° early this morning. And who didn't bring enough warm bedding? Another lesson learned for next time.

Another longish day, especially with road works on the Warrego and Landsborough Highways. Refuelled at Augathella BP on the Hwy at $1.689/litre. A quick bite to eat at Tambo, and on to Isisford via Blackall. That shower at Oma Waterhole after two long days on the road was certainly looking attractive. Having gotten a bit bushwhacked last trip, I relied on memory and geographical location to fairly successfully locate the access road to the Waterhole about 17km West of Isisford.

It was as clean and picturesque as I remembered, and only one other camper a long way away. Choosing a spot within reasonable walking distance of the amenities - showers and toilets - I was set for the night. The warmish cold shower really hit the spot.

The only visitors I had were a curious mob of young cows and bulls grazing on who knows what. After my visitors had left, I didn't see another soul (human or beast) until departure the following day.

A note about road works. Thinking about the delays on the road, it occurred to me I really shouldn't complain too much. After all, some our outback roads are in perilous condition, badly in need of repair. When one travels over newly formed roads, the difference is amazing. Secondly, road works provide employment for many skilled and unskilled workers. Many of these guys come from local communities, and all spend some of their income in these smaller towns. It is a win-win situation for all. If outback travellers have a safer and more comfortable trip, we all benefit.

It is obvious that I have too much time to think on these trips! I'm going to my special quiet place now!!!

Tomorrow, a short leg to Longreach.

To forget one's ancestors is to be a brook without a source, a tree without a root -- Chinese Proverb
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