Darwin via the Dirt (part 10 "Natures' Garden")

Saturday, Feb 26, 2011 at 17:40

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Our trip through the Davenport Ranges NP ( see previous blog - part 4) was surely one of the highlights of our 2010 trip. The beauty of the landscape which was ever changing made a lasting impression on us. The rolling hills of the ranges clad in an ever present covering of rocks and outcrops of all shapes and sizes. The creek beds (some still with a trickle of water in them and the more permanent waterholes were just delightful areas for birds of many varieties.
However in many ways it was the vegetation that adorned the hills and gullies that was the icing on the cake so to speak. Rolling areas of spinnefix grasses, small clusters of eucalypts or singular trees clinging to rock faces and the ever presence of low scrubby wattle in full bloom intermingled with the brilliantly red holly grevillia led us to label the area as one of "natures gardens".
The following is a selection of plants and flowers that were photographed in the Davenport Ranges NP. Some of the photos are not all that brilliant but believe me the plants were. Most of the plants names are unknown to us, we would be happy to receive feed back on these.
Note: Since posting this blog member VAL has done a great job in naming quite a few of these plants. The names are now included.
Click on photos to enlarge.

1. Spinifex ----------------------------------------/ 2. Possibly galls on a gum tree ------------------------- / 3. Holly Grevillea (wickhamil)

4. Yellow Flower ? -------------------------------/ 5. Drosera indica, Sundew ......---------------------./6. Ptilotus (poss)

7.Sturts desert rose (gossyplum sturtianum) ---/----- 8.Mistletoe(amyema miraculosum) --/----- 9. Grevea refracta--

10. Pink/purple herb on sand (common on sand dunes) / 11. Acacia ---------------------------/12. Candelabra wattle (Acacia holosericea)

13. Greviiea refracta-----------------------------------/ 14. Melaleuca nervosa--------------------------------/ 15. Unknown.

16. Yellow flower (?) ---------------------------------/ 17. Ptilotus in bud ------------------------------------/ 18.Ptilotus

19. Cassia -----------------------------------------------/ 20. Purple pea -----------------------------/ 21. Could be Melaleuca nervosa again.
In this next half of the blog the photos featured relate to our trip last year (2010) to Nhulumbuy, East Arnhem Land ( see blog part 5). The trip in was via the East Arnhem Hwy, over two days and camping on the Wilton River. From there to Nhulumbuy and spending the next 3 nights along the beaches of Macassins and Turtle Beach. To the other side of the peninsular at Rainbow Cliffs before heading slightly inland to Latram and Goanna camps on the Latram River. Our final stop before heading back to the Stuart Hwy was at the very pretty Giddy River. Each of these areas had a different pattern of vegetation whilst all set within a semi tropical environment.
I need to point out that my wife Brenda is probably responsible for the majority (but not all) of the photos published in this blog. She has a very good eye in looking for interesting plants.
The next 10 photos were taken on the road in as we traveled through fairly open (and often recently burnt) sub tropical forest.

1. Copuld be Scarlet gum E. phoenicea or Darwin Wollybutt / 2.Convolvulus ---------------------/ 3. yellow pea.

4. Unknown --------------------------------------/ 5. White papery heads. -------------------------/ 6. Goodenlaceae family dampiera or vellia
These next 3 photos were about 250 kms further east, similar open forest country. We had experienced quite a bit of rain and they stood out on the damp, wet forrest floor.

7. White flower (?)-----------------------------/ 8. Brachychiton maybe ? ------------------------/ 9.Pale blue flower (?)
We move now to an area by the coast on a fairly open with some small wind swept scrub and on and behind low headlands.

10. Convolvulus -------------------------------/ 11. Purple Flower (?) ------------------------------/ 12. Spiky mauve flower (?)

13. Wandering dew (tradescantia - a weed)/ 14. Passionfruit (passiflora sp.) ----------------/ 15. White flower (?).

16. Skiky white/pink flower (?) --------------/ 17. Purple pea note the ants. -------------------/18. Red and black flower (?).

19. Calytrix tetragona. -----------------------/ 20. Leaves with eggs attached on long stalks. -- / 21. Grevillea.
The remaining photos were taken on the way out

22. Orange eucalypt (?) Possibly E. Miniata ------------/ 23. Orange grevillea (?) ----------------------------/ 24. Callistermon (?)

25. Yellow orange bud (?) ----------------------/ 26. Waterlily Nymphaea gigantean. ------------/ 27. Waterlily flower.
Up dated 25 May 2012.
We retired to travell
It's time to go again...
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