Automatic 12V Switch Wiring

Monday, Sep 07, 2009 at 09:27

Member - Malcolm (Townsville)

This Project started out to replace the auto switch for my Bilge Pump in the boat. The previous owner had the float switch wired up with "speaker" wire - which did not instill confidence in me for his wiring skills - and possibly why the pump did not work.

I bought a new switch (and even read the instructions). From that I made the following drawing as a WIP guide ..... (nice paper ;-) )

I first wired everything up using the old switch and the thing worked :-) Testing the Float Valve a few times I found it only worked some of the time. Back to the shop and swapped the new switch for a new float switch. Wired it all up again - perfect.

Now where am I going to save this drawing for future reference - VOILA ! here.

This then got me thinking "What has this got to do with this Forum"? Think outside the square .... How about a security device for your camper or caravan while your away?

You could replace the Float Switch with a pressure plate in the annex doorway. The Bilge Pump could simply be a light (or a bloody big air horn at head height - just remember to turn it off when you get back).

The mind boggles ......


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