The Wahoo

Found in the tropical regions of Australia and as far south as Sydney. Slender and streamlined fish loosely related to the mackerel family. However unlike the mackerels, wahoo is a solitary species, with groups of five or more fish rarely found in the one location. Has fast acceleration and has been regarded as a good game fish. Known to be one of the fastest fish in the sea.

 Catching a Wahoo

Wahoo are a Pelagic species which means they tend to swim closer to the surface of the ocean. Therefore, trolling lures from a boat work best. Rig lures with wire trace and be prepared for a sudden bite. Wahoo are rarely caught from the shores.

Sport Value

Considered a good game fish due to its incredible speed and willingness to put up a fight


Heavy rig needed. 10 - 30kg main line with nylon coated or plain wire trace. Use No. 11 for trolling or No. 7 for live baits


Not a fussy eater. Will take almost any fish, whole or in large fillets. Garfish, Octopus, Pilchard, Squid, Tailor, Yellowtail

 Eating a Wahoo

Wahoo is very good to excellent eating, with firm, white and sweet flesh similar to the Spanish mackerel.
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