The Parrot fish (Wrasse)

Parrot fish have tusk-like front teeth fused together with a similar look to a beak and hence the name 'Parrot' fish. They are bottom dwellers, preferring the cover of rock or coral. Feeds on coral, crabs, crayfish and molluscs.

 Catching a Parrot fish (Wrasse)

Use strips of fish flesh and raise and lower it slowly off the bottom can yield good results. Aim for rock wall using minimal weights to enable the bait to sink.

Sport Value

Runs relatively hard for nearby reef cover once hooked


6 - 15kg on the main line. Use No. 2/0 - 6/0 Beak hook


Bass Yabbies, Crab, Cunjevoi, Fish flesh, Red meat, Squid, Prawn

 Eating a Parrot fish (Wrasse)

White flesh with rather good table qualities
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