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Friday, Jun 11, 2010 at 13:37


ExplorOz Places now supports the ability to directly email your updates whilst on the road. So forget the computer - simply take a photo using your phone (eg. iphone, Blackberry etc) and send to the places email service at places(at)exploroz(dot)com.

There are a few rules about how these updates are accepted so follow these simple guidelines and your updates will be automatically applied:
  • The name of the place needs ot be entered into the subject of your email.
  • Use Plain Text email. Dependant on your email program but look for options and ensure your email is being sent in plain text - this is the default for most mobile devices but will need to be checked on desktop systems.
  • The email address used by your device must match your registered visitor or member profile email address on
  • To determine the position of the place update the email must contain an element which has the GPS position. If using a GPS enabled phone (i.e. iPhone 3GS) all the photos taken will contain the GPS location automatically so you do not need to do anything else. If you are sending the email from a system that will not include the position in a photo element you can manually provide the position by adding a line to the email body as follows:
    Position: -xx.xxxxx yyy.yyyyy where is the latitude and yyy.yyyy is the longitude in decimal degrees.
  • Only ONE place update per email. Do not send in more than one place in any single email. If you send in multiple photos for one place the position will be determined to be the mid point between all photos.
If you have any problems in using this system please contact us and we will provide assistance.

Basic iPhone Procedure

If you have an iPhone you can simply use the camera app and take a shot, then open up the camera roll and select the photo, then click the sharing button and select send via email. In the to address enter the places(at)exploroz(dot)com email account, in the subject type the name of the place in the photo, in the text area of the email you can type a description of the place and then simply send the email.
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