QLD - Rover Park escapade

Arranged By: Pezza
Start Date: 15 Sep 2006
End Date: 15 Sep 2006
Updated: 06 Sep 2006
Attendance: 6


Yeah, I know it's in mexicoland but I'm in God's own state and so are most of the people who are coming, so the majority rules.
We are heading down to Rover Park on the said w/e for the sat, sun, mon for those interested in joining us, hopefully we can entice a few northern NSWelshmen to venture up and join the fun.
I haven't been there myself, so am going by their website, http://www.roverpark.com/
Basically our family and also a certain other EO member ( a strange little weird guy in a green GU that looks very similar to the Pezzawagon ) will be heading down there on saturday to set up camp and relax, then sunday the boys can go play while the girls and kiddies can check out the more sedate attractions that the park advertises, then those that wish can head home or stay for another night of 'tall story' telling and head off on monday.
For those not wanting to come for fear of damaging their truck by 'extreme 4wding' don't worry, when we went to landcruiser no damage was done to any vehicles, including a standard jerrycan, we don't 'go silly', as none of us want to do any damage to our trucks that we rely on for daily transport, it's just a good w/e with lot's of fun tracks ( quite often with chicken tracks) in a condensed area.
Hope to see all and sundry and looking forward to meeting a few new members.


Registration & Attendance (6)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V160990 Barryk 1 Arranging Member
V25588 System Admin 1 Yep. Count us in.
V161583 The Channo's 1 We are in, will have to leave on sunday arvo.
V161143 KesBes 1 Bugger! we have a BBQ and also visiting family. Sorry, it'll have to be next time :o( At least the Queenslanders are organising regular outings, so it won't be long before the next one ;o)
V26717 trendy 1 Yep, me and family will be there but probably in the project Blizzard, don't worry about chicken tracks for this beast hehehe. Looking forward to it.
V48338 scandal 1 Yeah. new member, not gunna get there till late sat arvo(have to work)back to brissy sunday arvo

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