VIC - Overnighter - Woods Point Area

Arranged By: Moggs
Start Date: 22 Sep 2006
End Date: 22 Sep 2006
Updated: 29 Aug 2006
Attendance: 12


...its getting warm enough….time for an overnighter and a feed at Woods Point….

Dates: Sat 23rd & Sun 24th September 2006
Standard: Not really sure - at a guess - probably somewhere between easy to impossible ;) Recommended for 4wds with low range and AT tyres (at a minimum)
Start: Saturday 23rd Sep 8.00am – Lilydale for a meet and greet
Finish: Sunday 24th Sep mid afternoon – Jamieson

No real set plans – state of tracks will decide which way we go. General idea is to meet at Lilydale, make our way to woods point behind Mt baw baw to Woods point and camp at comment flat. Plan to eat at the pub. Sunday we will probably head out of woods point, heading to mt skene on the sunday. head home via jamieson. There will be some tough tracks, steep more than anything. Please ensure you bring your own recovery gear.

All welcome - would be great to meet some new Vic EO people as well as catch up with some familiar faces :)

Registration & Attendance (12)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V6308 Moggs 1 Arranging Member
V25886 Wazza - (Vic) 1 I am in. Will be good to catch up with you guys. Will be two or three of us in my bus.
V160643 Wanda 1 Kir and I are in
M833 The Original JohnR (Vic) 1 I dunno, barely back from South Oz......
V47582 Browny66 1 Hi All, I'm yet to do an overnighter with the crew so I'll check the social callendar and try and make it.
V22625 S&N 1 we would love to, but may be a little cold for the baby! sorry
V160105 Rock 'n' Rolla 1 I might be a starter with a 4b newbie
V11240 System Admin 1 if I have my truck back , ill be there
M1705 Member - Faydaway 1 Pauline and myself will bring some of the firewood and a Disco will bring the Scotch for when my wood runs out. total two couples looking forward to an overnighter
V44766 System Admin 1 Cant do this one it turns out, but if you organise a day trip i will try, thanks.
V46450 Outback Mac 1 would love to attend but are hitting the road tomorrow to head across the Nullabor.I'm sure Pauline will have the Marshmallows to go with the firewood but I'd watch the guy in the Disco with the Scotch.
V161261 Wabcab 1 Far too much going on, couldn`t get organised in time, very dissapointed I can`t be there. Will definately be on the next Vic gathering.

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