WA - Jaurdi Station get together.

Arranged By: rickwagupatrol
Start Date: 29 Sep 2006
End Date: 29 Sep 2006
Updated: 21 Jul 2006
Attendance: 13


Long weekend, monday being the holiday. Jaurdi Station, approx 100km Eastish of Southern Cross, on the Great Eastern Highway. Easy trip, with Station Loop drive available for those that want it. Info pack comming from CALM, so will update when i get it. All welcome to come along.
Update 7/8/06.....................................
There is abandoned shearing sheds still almost perfectly intact, a couple of dams (bring yabbie nets) and old mine workings about.
The jaurdi homestead has running water, electrical wiring (for a gen set) furniture, pot belly stove etc. You can stay in the homestead (call CALM Kalgoorlie on 9021 2677 for a booking) but that is paid- I think $5/pp or so. It also has a few separate buildings nearby with rooms for group accommodation with a fire pit in the middle of the buildings.
There is another setup with better scenery a bit further up the track past the dam too- Its an old exploration camp in the valley of a breakaway formation. There are a few old shafts in one corner although they have mostly collapsed. There is no charge for staying there, and its worth checking out.
Unfortunately no dogs are allowed there.
Does everyone know where this place is?????
If not,,,well its approx 98km past Southern Cross, then turn left(North) onto Ryans Find Road. Fom there it is approx 50km to the homestead area.
Self sufficiency is a must(including firewood- camp fires allowed), with all provision available at Southern Cross.
Hope to see everyone there.

Update: 12/9/06
We will be leaving Perth on Friday 29/9 at about 8.30ish in the morning from the Jandakot area, for a leisurley drive out there. Any body who wishes to join us on the drive out is more than welcome.
We have a 02 patrol with Jayco Dove Off-road camper behind it, and will be on Ch18.
For those that leave on saturday, i will monitor Ch18 all day and let you know where we are camped. I will make sure that there is enough room for everyone :)

Registration & Attendance (13)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V160073 Burt & Mary 1 Arranging Member
V160527 Lemming 1 I like a weekend at Juardi now and again.I have the date and will try to make it.
V160315 Col_WA 1 Is us "Eastern-Staters" invited??? ;-))... Hoping to be in the general vicinity around the proposed time (not 100% sure at this stage)... Will definitely try to make it..
V161300 Markk 1 Being new to WA (originally a Victorian) I could be a possibility. Will be able to confirm closer to the date.
M774 NIK `N` OFF 1 This looks like a good way to spend a long w/e, count us in.
V25252 System Admin 1 Will be driving through the station with another group heading north. Will stop in and say hi Monday morning if you're still there at the time.
V48470 System Admin 1 Hate to burst your bubble guys but its already well and truly booked that weekend. Sorry people! :/ Would suggest you call CALM if you're still interested in going another weekend though, Rick's supplied the number above...
V47079 Noldi (WA) 1 Please let us know if it;s still on will be in the area with another group and would like to drop in
V19181 System Admin 1 Keen to tag along too if that's OK and it would be nice to meet some of the WA EO'ers. Does depends on work for me though (self employed - it's hard to plan ahead in days, let alone weeks) The Camping WA crew will be out there too BTW, might get a bit crowded but I'm sure it will all work out. It's a big place.
V110872 Bowden 1 Intended to do the Holland Track that weekend,your trip sounds great tho!!! ,isit still on?
V27309 System Admin 1 Sounds like a great weekend to be there, but as like every thing thats on thats going to be fun i will be away working again. Maybe its time to retire, have a great time and i hope to join one of the gatherings some day
V26598 Exploder 1 Am Sorry, I am not able to make it anymore, Hope you all have an enjoyable weekend at Jaurdi thou.
V23692 muzzgit 1 Mate, looks like we will be there after all. Jacqui wants to drive to SX and watch the footy at the pub, then drive out to camp. I'm not sure that's a good idea so we might see you Sunday

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