QLD - Peach Trees Jimna State Forest

Arranged By: BBB
Start Date: 27 Jul 2006
End Date: 27 Jul 2006
Updated: 05 Jul 2006
Attendance: 3


Peach Trees is about 1.5hrs N/W of Brisbane via Killcoy it is a state forest camping ground with full amenities Hot showers flushing toilets running river and plenty of wild life.
Fire wood is also provieded. to make it a great week end.
We oftern come home via the Sunday creek road to Little Yabba creek a buitiful drive through some realy thick rain forest and great look outs.

you are all welcome If you wish to attend let us know


To all who have responded to the Jimna Peach Trees trip on the week end of the 28, 29, and 30 of July.

We are planning to be at Peach Trees at around 3pm on Friday the 28th we camp down the end next to the day use area.

To get to Peach Trees you go to Kilcoy to the round about and turn RIGHT go to Jimna

Not fare past Jimna where the road turns to dirt. The turn off to Peach trees is not far less than 2klm

There should be a small forestry sign Peach Trees turn to the Right it is just before the fire tower there is about 10klm of dirt road and you will be there.

The dirt road is good and you can go there in a normal car and van no problems

Just a note the Butcher on the right when you come in to Kilcoy has great rib roasts and other meats.

Registration & Attendance (3)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V42167 BBB 1 Arranging Member
V161143 KesBes 1 Hi BBB, I said I would confirm later and unfortunately cannot attend :o( I have the outlaws up from Port that week and will see them off on the Sat. Been up there before and have the permits so maybe next time, sorry. Andrew.
V161008 Tymac 1 Will see you Saturday morning at this stage.

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