QLD - Weekend out at Land Cruiser Park

Arranged By: Cornel B
Start Date: 06 Jul 2006
End Date: 06 Jul 2006
Updated: 11 Jun 2006
Attendance: 9


For those that want to join us for a weekend of fun on the tracks you are more than welcome. I will be great to put some names to some faces and sink some beers around the fire. I will be leaving from the Sunshine Coast but we could mee in Kilcoy or something. We are most likely going to head out over Friday after work and then have a full Sat/Sun there

Registration & Attendance (9)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V84668 Cornel B 1 Arranging Member
V37730 System Admin 1 At this point will be having to wait for tax cheques to pay for the new shockies. (If the taxman is generous enough) and i can't see them arriving back to us in a week. But we might be able to do a day drive up and one of us jump in with Trev and one of us with someone else. I've been off work last week and this week starting so can't make any promises as it will all come down to money at the moment. Will keep in touch.
V38820 Scoey (QLD) 1 G'Day Troll, We will be up at Byfield NP that week mate so unfortunately won't be able to make it. Have fun! ;-) Scoey!
M415 Isuzumu 1 Hi Troll, Said I would come on your first post, but have relos coming to visit that weekend, dont they always do it to us s""t will catch up next time. Cheers Bruce
V110883 Shaw 1 Sorry Troll, we'll be on our way to melbourne so we'll have to make it next next time around. Cheers Andrew.
V36436 spak 1 Yes - I am letting Greg of his leash for the weekend so he can enjoy some male bonding - just don't let him do anything silly with the vehicle - Trev - you're responsible... Besides - as he's probably already said, the Jerrycan needs some new boots, so if he gets into trouble - eg wet weather, just think of the entertainment value and bragging rights to pulling him out of the proverbial... Have fun - Vanessa! ;0)
V24642 Pezza 1 Ok, have managed to palm SWMBO and the dirt magnets of to the Mother-in-laws for the weekend, so will be there for both days. Most likely won't get there till around lunch on saturday, so will cruise around calling like a lost lamb till I find you all so keep a listen out. Pezza
V26717 trendy 1 I'll go if Ding goes (whoever Ding is). I will stay for the nocturnal activities as they can be more fun than the daytime ones. See you there Sat AM. I will be on UHF 10 for the lost lambs.
V161435 Pekaz 1 see you all tomorrow.Bob.

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