QLD - QLD'rs Dirty Day Out

Arranged By: trendy
Start Date: 21 Apr 2006
End Date: 21 Apr 2006
Updated: 18 Apr 2006
Attendance: 9


A day out to test the driving skills of all and sundry. The area we will be driving is around Ormeau (between Brissy and G/Coast).
Meet at Sportsfield Carpark on Peachey Rd Ormeau. It is 200mt west of M1 motorway at the Ormeau exit.
Time to meet is 9AM.
You will need to bring everything you need for the day as there is no facilities out there.
Tracks range from easy to full on, with the later generally having easy routes around the hard sections. Also bring a camera for a great photo of nothern gold coast region.
Hoping to meet plenty of new faces and reacquaint with some old faces (no pun intended Bob lol).

Regards to all, Trevor.

Registration & Attendance (9)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V161029 suzi 1 Arranging Member
V36267 System Admin 1 Sorry cannot attend . Really dissapointed .
M415 Isuzumu 1 Would love to as well Trevor but a bit far away for a day trip (we live in Nannago 2.5 hours NW of Brissy) But a week-end trip up our way I would be happy to help organise. Some good 4bying country up here (7 mile diggings and a possible cross country jaunt to Jimna, which Iam going to check out Saturday) Anyway hope you hav e great week-end. Cheers Bruce.
V36434 System Admin 1 Would also love to come, but again a bit far away for a day trip,(Maryborough, 2.5 hours north of brissy) and also have a night out planned with our local club. But would be interested in a weekender in the Nannago area as well. Cheers Rossco.
V37730 System Admin 1 Of course we will be there.. Bringing a mate who just bought a shiny smik landcruiser.... first time fourby, he likes always having a clean car.. better make it real interesting for him then hey!
V110883 Shaw 1 Sorry Trev, but can't make it :o( Nannango sounds interesting for another trip however, have a good time and no pinstripes on this trip LOL.
V160838 GoinThere 1 Hi trevor have to do a night shift friday night but I feel one of those 24hr virus's coming on so will see if can get a cover and if so I will be there to catch up at long last. regards ross
V160990 Barryk 1 Hi Trevor, sorry mate, no can do. When we spoke I figured it was going to be sunday so organised some stuff on sat arvo. If I can change that and drag my sorry arse out of bed on time I might be there, will let you know. Perry
V16628 TonyG 1 Hi Trevor, I have kids sport on Saturday, but I would love to attend the next trip when on a SUnday. Thanks TonyG

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