NSW - Yalwal Tracks Sat 6th/ Sun 7th May ... not June...

Arranged By: Barnes
Start Date: 05 May 2006
End Date: 05 May 2006
Updated: 18 Apr 2006
Attendance: 6


Camping at Yalwal or meet tba Sunday morning, and go do tracks like Yarramunmun,Wombat flat,old Burrier fire trail,Yerriong hill climb etc.....mainly directed at taking newee's out and get them used to 4wding in their pride and joys.......and for others just have an excuse to go out!!
Kids are more than welcome as its just a friendly weekend/day out that involves everybody....even the dogs if they want to tag along!!
The date is Sat - Sun 6th-7th May...

Nathan and I will not be able to camp out for the night due to Nathans work hours (wont finish till 11pm - go in and see him at sth Nowra caltex on ya way out - he starts at 3pm Sat.) and so we,along with others who may not be able to camp, will meet at Yalwal at the large camping cleared area at 9am Sunday morning...

Bring all that you would need for the weekend....

If people are unable to make this date we can organise another one for June as well.......


Registration & Attendance (6)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V161272 Brumy 1 Arranging Member
V19509 Wayne NSW 1 Laura, Put me down as a going. I don't think that I have to work that weekend. Wayne
V13422 System Admin 1 Thanks Laura. I'm in, clapping has begun. Sat & Sun. Andy
V110895 Croft 1 Laura, would love to go but will be in Melbourne. End of June sounds good though as I'd like to meet some fellow members from the area. Cheers Crofty
V11265 System Admin 1 hello laura i will be there two vehicles possibly three will camp sat night thanks for the opportunity
V24967 steve21 1 Hi Laura, count me in. will also camp sat night. (is Yalwal c'site also called Danjera) i can't find Yalwal c'site on my map! pls let me know, snburton@iprimus.com.au - thanks steve.

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