SA - Easter Robe trip

Arranged By:
Start Date: 13 Apr 2006
End Date: 13 Apr 2006
Updated: 25 Feb 2006
Attendance: 4


Heading up to Robe for easter , will be staying at the lakeside caravan park , all welcome to come along and have some fun in the dunes. Hope to see some old and new faces.

email echris67 at optusnet dot com dot au for more info

Registration & Attendance (4)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V160241 seajac 1 Arranging Member
M294 The Hob 1 2014???????? Might be dead by then....LOL April 6 2006 is also out of the question. Maybe next time
V160126 Mesenpet 1 sorry Eric, will be in the Barossa for Easter
V25022 Nick K 1 Ha Rocky, we are staying at the Lakeside carvan park. You know it is not my place to correct you but I thought I might point this out. Anyway count me in.

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