Arranged By: trendy
Start Date: 25 Feb 2006
End Date: 25 Feb 2006
Updated: 17 Feb 2006
Attendance: 13


I am inviting all who may be interested, to catch up for a lunchtime BBQ at the park at Jacobs Well (UBD map ref D9 page 308 of 2005 maps). For those without a UBD, look for the Jacobs Well signs off the Bris - G/Coast M1, it is clearly signposted all the way to Jacobs Well and a map is not really necessary.
BYO everything, the park is adjacent to the Marine Rescue and Boat ramp. Large grassy areas for kicking the footy and cricket, fishing and swimming down near the boat ramp and a small caravan park for those who wish to make an overnight stop of it.
I will be there prior to 10am but anyone is welcome to turn up whenever they choose, I drive a green GU Patrol (EO sticker on rear door) and I'm sure "The Pezza Wagon" will be there too, it's a purple GU also with EO sticker on rear door.
I am told if you intend to stay after dusk BRING THE AEROGARD.
I look forward too meeting many of the forumites and puting a face to some of the screen names at this gathering.
Till then see you later.

Regards Trevor, Judy and Thomas.

One after thought (as I was down at Jacobs Well today 19th) is that there is only one BBQ plate there. If someone has a "Webber Style" Gas BBQ it might be an idea to bring it, I have gas bottles to supply gas if needed. If not, it's children fed first, women next and by that time..... the men.....well the pubs just across the road.....Hehehe.

Registration & Attendance (13)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V26717 trendy 1 Arranging Member
V24642 Pezza 1 Mate, the "Pezza Wagon" is chompin' at the bit to get there, so I suppose I better go along aswell to make sure it doesn't play up too much. I can't wait really, I'll be there with tongs in one hand and beer in the other. See ya'll soon Perry, Cheryl and Karl.
V36436 spak 1 We'll be there. We have a white Terracan now also with a ExploreOz sticker on the rear door. Greg,Vanessa & Kiandra
V7990 andpancho 1 I will definitely be there. SWMBO is a maybe.
V37730 System Admin 1 And you think we wouldn't be there Trev? Perry you might have to come to our house first, follow us so you don't get lost!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sorry! had to dig!!!)
V110883 Shaw 1 The missus & I will be there :o) Any excuse for a day out...
M604 Wanganui Wanderers 1 The boss & I will both be there.
V1925 System Admin 1 Should be there Trevor,not til the arvo tho. on the way back from Ballina. [1]
M491 Member. Rob M (QLD) 1 Trevor, We will be there, but if the weather is good we might put the boat in for a couple of hours in the morning and arrive around lunch time. Looking forward to meeting some forumites. Rob Meagan & Jessica
V160985 Robtracker 1 Looking forward to it....
V17514 peterschrader2 1 We'll be there too, look out for the white Discovery hiding under the antennas.
V36267 System Admin 1 I will try to be there pending other things .
V160181 Tony B 1 Yep, we will be there. Probably like Rob, will take the boat down in the morning (though not if the weather doesn't get a bit better and the wind somewhere below 30 knots).

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