VIC - Wandin Meeting

Arranged By: GazzaS
Start Date: 18 Feb 2006
End Date: 18 Feb 2006
Updated: 10 Feb 2006
Attendance: 15


Meet up at Wandin - say g'day and swap yarns.
Seems Al and Mrs Al are OK for their site #80 to be used as the meeting point. I suggest 11am

Registration & Attendance (15)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V22373 GazzaS 1 Arranging Member
V21802 Glenn (VIC) 1 Will be there for sure
V34563 PKron 1 Will be there x 2
V11924 System Admin 1 Probably
M579 Bonz (Vic) 1 I am Wandinering this year
V24982 AdrianLR 1 We'll be there
V160435 meshy 1 definately a goer...
V22625 S&N 1 we'll be there
V160126 Mesenpet 1 Hi all, stand 80 is on Woomera Ave, one in from the corner of NG River Track kind of opposite where the info tent is. It should be easy to find there'll be two converted white Dual Cab Utes at the site - one 100 series, one 60 Series. It'll be great to catch up with those people we know and meet those we don't. If anyone wants my mobile phone number, email me and I'll give it to you, click on our rig pic for email addy. Lyn
V27116 Tonester 1 Will check it out, but hopefully
V160316 Steve R1 1 Hope to be there folks but can't be sure yet. Being a busy week of sorts, and the following week as bad. Mrs Al, is that a commercial I see? LOL
V24355 RustyHelen 1 intending to be there-- we are virgins at Wandin
V33347 evila 1 Hope to see you all there. Henry.-
V5783 Truckster (Vic) 1 my bottom smells. but will be there with Awill4x4
V20498 Crazie 1 I will be there, will try and make it at 11am.

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