SA - Robe SA on Melbourne cup weekend

Arranged By:
Start Date: 27 Oct 2004
End Date: 27 Oct 2004
Updated: 12 Sep 2004
Attendance: 19


Heading to Robe till the 2nd of November , so far we have around 11 cars. We are booked to stay at the Lakeside caravan park in Robe. Last major get together was in L/D and it was a blast , so come along and have some fun guys.

Registration & Attendance (19)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V11240 System Admin 1 Arranging Member
V160055 Timbo 1 we'll be there on sat
V160316 Steve R1 1 Have booked our camping spot from Friday night
V9124 Al 1 We'll be there from Friday night..
M579 Bonz (Vic) 1 Satdy later in the arvo we'll be there, heading home Tuesday
V160139 Way2go 1 The Wombats will be there
V160519 Davegg 1 We are certainly interested and have 'diarised' the gig.
V160640 Hinesy 1 Hoping to be there Friday night.
V160371 Kevin W 1 Will be there Friday after lunch leaving Tuesday AM
V96743 aussichef ( 1 At this stage I my wife(Barbara) & 2 boys ( warren jr 16 & george 14) on Friday leave tuesday
V75854 System Admin 1 will be there friday late arvo and leaving sunday 2 kids girls 12 and 15
M1156 Bob and Wendy 1 I've booked, arriving Friday arvo, leaving Monday morning. My wife can't make it (working) but I'll probably bring my youngest son, Stephen, 15 yo.
V22150 gosulliv 1 We will be there but staying at longbeach caravan park Anybody else staying there???
M294 The Hob 1 I am coming and maybe Uncle too. Jude says she wants a break from travelling. Probably be there sometime Thursday leave Monday or so...who knows? Haven't booked yet. Take pot luck.....maybe share your tent Eric. I don't snore..hahahah
V160386 Viv G 1 Can't wait.
V160329 Ian 1 Will be there Thursday to Tuesday. Trying to get there early so I can be close to Willie and Uncle who are gr8 baby sitters
V4589 System Admin 1 Ooops! Deleted original message by 'playing with the puter'. We will be there Friday afternoon.
V160589 Nuggets 1 Arriving Saturday - leaving Monday. Catch yoos there!
V160102 John & Linda 1 we'll be there, late friday.

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