QLD - Rainbow Beach

Arranged By: Shaw
Start Date: 17 Feb 2006
End Date: 17 Feb 2006
Updated: 31 Jan 2006
Attendance: 7


Change of Venue...

[Hoping to get a few friends & work colleagues together for a camping trip to Moreton Island for 17/18/19 Feb. The Missus , Teen's & I will be going over on Friday arvo & coming back Sunday arvo. Fishing, Snorkelling, Driving & the like.]

We've decided to save our Moreton ferry fare for the moment and are heading to Double Island Point on Saturday 18th and returning on Sunday arvo (1 night). We're camping at Freshwater Creek off Teewah Beach on Sat night and will spend most of Sunday at Rainbown Beach. We may also go diving at Wolf Rock on Sunday morning, but are undecided.

Any EO members/none members are welcome to join us.

Registration & Attendance (7)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V110883 Shaw 1 Arranging Member
V160524 Mudcrab 1 Shawsie, We'll have to pass as we will be away on holidays at the time. Have fun.
V36168 System Admin 1 Hi Shawsie, I am sorry, we haven't been to Moreton before and would love to go but it will just be impossible at the moment. But I wish you all a wonderful trip. Jo
M491 Member. Rob M (QLD) 1 Shawsie, Sorry won't be able to attend this time, but spent 17 Jan to 23 Jan on the island, ( rained every day ) still had a great time. Sand is nice and hard, there was very few people on the island. Have a great time.
V16628 TonyG 1 Where on the island are you looking to camp. Sounds very inviitng, still trying to get over the xmas credit card bill. I will check what family commitments have already been organised and confirm if we can attend. It sounds like fun.
V7990 andpancho 1 Sounds interesting. Might be going up there with the Qld Nissan Club this weekend. Only a maybe for me. Waiting for confirmation about work. Will message you as soon as I know what I'm up to.
V26717 trendy 1 Shawsie, No can do mate I would love to catch up one time but me and my car are allergic to sand. That surface is about the only, I won't drive on. Maybe some other time and venue... till then have fun.

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