QLD - Borumba deer park Imbil

Arranged By: Pezza
Start Date: 25 Jan 2006
End Date: 25 Jan 2006
Updated: 09 Jan 2006
Attendance: 4


Bigriggen park, located just off the Boonah-Rathdowney rd on Upper logan rd.
Gathering is for members and visitors alike so us QLD folks can put some faces and personalities to forum names.
Plenty of space for the kid's pushies, swimming hole, but unfortunately no 4 wheeling for the Dads and Mums, just have to make do with sitting around the camp fire and telling tall stories.
A few of us will be getting there on thursday, hopefully those that can't make it then will arrive frid and sat, make sure to ask for the EO gathering at reception and they will point you in the right direction.
For those interested, we can do a day trip along the dirt back roads past Lk Maroon, Killarney gorge, Queen Mary falls back to camp via White swamp rd.
Hope to see you all there!


For those that have not been keeping up to date with this saga, post 29999 should explain most of it.
The new venue is,

Borumba Deer Park 9 Yabba Creek Rd Imbil (07) 5484-5196

Any further info required email me at pezzamail@bigponddotcomdotau


Registration & Attendance (4)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V160990 Barryk 1 Arranging Member
V161029 suzi 1 Will be there with bells on. Can't wait
M1542 surfy53 1 Sorry guys. Would probably go, but we'll be at Fraser with the 4WD club for the clean up. Have a good time.
V36168 System Admin 1 We are there for the new location!

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